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Apply to the Emory AA Program

The Anesthesiologist Assistant program is fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health and Education Programs. The Emory Anesthesiologist Assistant Program is a 27-month specialization that consists of an intensive academic and didactic program that will prepare the student to function within the anesthesia care team.

  1. View and print the Application Checklist. Include a completed copy of this checklist with your supporting documents.
  2. Print out the reference forms and complete your section of each of the three reference forms.  Provide one form and a return envelope to each of your three references.  Do this as soon as possible because your application will not be complete until all three references have been received.
  3. Once available, complete the online application in its entirety (sections that are applicable should not be skipped).  Double check the application before submitting.  Please use your transcripts to complete the application.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  4. Obtain a current, full color passport-sized photograph (do not copy your passport) send an original color photograph, which is readily available from Kinko's or similar business. 
  5. Send a nonrefundable $60.00 application fee payable to Emory University.
  6. Print out, complete, sign, date and send all seven supporting documents.

Begin Application

Application Checklist

Documentation of Familiarity with Anesthesia Practice

Documentation Concerning Technical Standards

Documentation Concerning Infectious and Communicable Diseases

Criminal Background Check Process

Drug Screen Release Form

Applicant Statement

  1. Send a copy of  MCAT scores to include your verification number
  2. Emory AA program GRE code is 5692
  3. Have transcripts from all graduate and undergraduate institutions in which you have been enrolled mailed to the Program Office.
  4. If you have any prerequisite courses in progress, include proof of enrollment in the courses when information becomes available (e.g., unofficial transcript, letter from the registrar's office). 
  5. All of the above supporting documents should be mailed to:

MMSc Program in Anesthesiology
57 Executive Park South - Suite 300
Atlanta, GA  30329

The online application must be supported with printed documents which you date, sign, and mail to the Program Office, along with your application fee. The online electronic application and supporting documents, constitute a complete application for admission, they are not an offer of admission or a contract for enrollment.  Qualification criteria specified in the application are the minimum criteria, and no applicant is guaranteed admission to the Program, even though he/she may meet the minimum criteria. 

Emory University reserves the right to select for admission those applicants it deems best qualified for admission, while complying with all applicable laws.  Emory University reserves the right to determine program size and/or cancel the program. All applicants should be aware that gaining admissions to the Emory Anesthesiologist Assistant Program is highly competitive.  No applicants are guaranteed admissions to the program, even when the general requirements are met.

The application period is open from July through November of each year for matriculation in late June of the following year.  Only complete applications are considered for review by the admissions committee.

The applicant is solely responsible for completion of his/her application.  The program is not responsible for deficiencies due to the US postal service or third parties in order to complete an applicant's request for supporting documents.  Failure to provide complete and accurate information or providing false information will result in immediate withdrawal from admissions consideration.

If selected into the Emory AA program, non-refundable fees to include a $500.00 acceptance fee and a $300.00 tuition fee will be applied to the student’s first semester tuition. If an applicant withdraws his/her acceptance or encounters circumstances that prevent his/her matriculation, only amounts paid over the acceptance fee and tuition fee will be refunded.