How can I register for CDE courses?

Find the particular course you're interested in on our events calendar. Follow the link to the course information page. Click on the link to the registration form. Then, simply print out the form and mail or fax it to our office (Continuing Dental Education, 1462 Clifton Road, Suite 276, Atlanta, GA 30322 or fax# 404-727-5667). You will receive confirmation of your registration in the mail. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accept phone registrations.

**If you'd prefer, you can request a brochure in the mail by calling (404) 727-5695 or sending an e-mail to cme@emory.edu.

How can I get my payment receipt when I register for a course?

When registering for a course for which you would like a receipt, please ask for one at the time of payment. The CDE Office will mail a receipt to your address, but only if requested.

Is it possible to register for just one day of a multi-day course?

Usually, the tuition is a flat rate and cannot be prorated based on time actually spent in the course. In a few cases, however, courses are broken down into segments and participants can elect to register for all or part of the course. This is generally stated in the course brochure. Call the CDE Office if you're unsure: (404) 727-5695.

I'm uncomfortable giving out my social security number. Is there some other piece of information I can give in order to register?

Social security numbers are used to track each participant and to ensure that the correct credits are awarded. It is the only way we can differentiate between multiple participants with the same name. The last four digits are only required for tracking purposes.

I don't want to be bombarded with e-mail, so I'd prefer not to include it with my course registration. Is there any drawback to this?

We will never sell or share your e-mail address with any other organizations. Your e-mail address may be used to provide you with course updates, future course offerings in your specialty, and in some cases, an electronic copy of the course syllabus for which you're registered. Without an available e-mail address, you may miss out on the opportunity to complete advance reading prior to your course.

When I register for a course, does that automatically reserve hotel space for the length of my stay?

No. Course registration is made through the CDE office. Hotel reservations are made through the particular hotel where the course is being held. Be sure to mention the course name when making reservations, as the CDE Office negotiates special reduced rates for course participants.

After the course is over, how do I get my Attendance Certificate?

Attendance certificates may be picked up at the registration table on the last day of the course. Certificates are not mailed to participants unless necessary. If you must leave the course prior to the last day, please make arrangements with the conference coordinator to have your certificate mailed to you.