Emory Promotions and Tenure

Tenure and promotion recognize a collective commitment to and responsibility for Emory's mission and vision by the university and its faculty. The tenure and promotion process for tenure-track faculty involves four sequential steps, outlined below. A nomination for tenure and/or promotion must be approved at each level to advance to the next step in the process. The promotion process for non-tenure track faculty is governed by each school.

Step 1: School Review

Step 2: Presidential Advisory Committee Review

Step 3: Presidential and Provost Review

Step 4: Board of Trustees Review

For more information on the steps above, please see the Office of the Provost webiste. 

Emory SOM Guidelines

For details regarding new, junior, and senior faculty promotions, as well as programs to help faculty prepare for promotions, see the SOM Faculty Development website.

Departmental Guidlines

If you are on track for a promotion in the near future, please talk to your division or section chief and review the following information carefully. The following sites discuss the promotions and tenure process by department. 

Please contact your Emory academic department for specific guidance.