The Meaning of an Emory-VA Joint Appointment

The VAMC appointments are expressed in 8ths and indicate the fraction of time out of a standard 40 hour work week that must be spent on activities related to the VAMC.

In order to be a principal investigator on a VA grant, a minimum of 5/8 at the VA is required. A non-clinician PhD at the VA can request salary support on a VA grant; however, a licensed MD investigator from the United States cannot request salary support, even if they are also a non-clinician PhD. The salary for research by an MD is paid from the physician’s VA appointment salary.

If activities related to the VA appointment must be performed at a location other than the VA (i.e., if there is laboratory research for which the laboratory is only available outside the VA), these details are included in a Memorandum of Service Level Expectations (also often called a Memorandum of Understanding, or an MOU). See Navigating the Atlanta VAMC for more information about MOUs.