Working at the VA

Our shared commitment to the tripartite mission means that we must work closely administratively and in aspects of faculty development and promotions. 

Much of the information contained herein is courtesey of the Atlanta VA Medical Center Ambassador Program Handout, created by Steven Gorbatkin, MD, PhD, Nephrology, and VAMC Site Director. Special thanks to Dr. Gorbatkin and those that contributed to this website.

Department of Medicine Ambassador Program

The Meaning of an Emory-VA Joint Appointment

Learn what it means to have a less than 8/8 appointment.

Benefits & Responsibilities of Emory Faculty Membership

No matter what level of 8ths you are at the VA, being an Emory Faculty member has its perks.

Navigating the Atlanta VAMC

Learn contacts for inpatient and outpatient issues, emergent issues, the chain of command, obtaining codes and keys, how to contact other staff members, and more.

Faculty Development & Mentoring

Emory Promotions and Tenure

If you are on track for a promotion in the near future, please talk to your division or section chief and review the following information carefully.

Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS)

Emory Resources

Accessing & Forwarding Emails

IT Support

Emory & VA Org Charts and Contact Information

BUGLE - The Best Unofficial Guide to Life at Emory

Recreational Opportunities

Transportation Between Sites