Faculty Development & Mentoring

The mission of the Emory School of Medicine Office of Faculty Development Office is to inspire and assist faculty with scholarship, service and teachin; to promote career satisfaction, skill development and academic advancement; and to create a community of engaged faculty within the Emory University Department of Medicine. 

Faculty Development Resources


VAMC Faculty Development Resources

  • Health Care Leadership Development (HCLD) Program: The HCLD is a year-long, hands-on leadership program that targets high-potential management professionals and a foundational leadership development experience that will enhance the candidate's skills and provide VHA with emerging leaders. Announcements for applicants are usually in early spring. 
  • Leadership VA (LVA):  Leadership VA (LVA) is a premier leadership development training program that prepares and equips high-potential, high-performing leaders with the necessary skills to meet the needs of a diverse population of Veterans, family members, survivors, employees, and stakeholders.

Talent Management System (TMS)

The VA Learning University's Talent Management System (TMS) is an advanced online training and employee development system that allows VA employees to search and register for training courses. The VA TMS serves as the official system of record for all training and development activities of VA employees.


The Office of Faculty Development believes that mentoring is a huge component of a successful and satisfying career.  Resources for mentors and mentees have been gathered for your reference. See Emory's Mentoring Program for more details.

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