Benefits & Responsibilities of Emory Faculty Membership


No matter what level of 8ths you are at the VA, being an Emory faculty member has its perks. The advantages of an Emory University School of Medicine faculty appointment include:

  • Professional affiliation with a vibrant community of health sciences practitioners and scholars dedicated to the academic missions of teaching, service and scholarship.
  • Membership in an academic department of the School of Medicine offering professional and leadership opportunities at department and School levels.
  • World-class scientific resources, including a comprehensive health sciences library and state-of-the-art research core facilities at university rates.
  • A dynamic array of professional development programs, courses and events.
  • Academic study at a destination university for you and family members at partial or no cost through the Emory Courtesy Scholarship Program.
  • Opportunities to apply through Emory for sponsored research funding that would not otherwise be available to you.

Key Responsibilities Of Faculty

  • Participating in the academic missions of teaching, service, and scholarship, as appropriate
  • Authorizing VA release of salary and effort at time of recruitment
  • Participating in academic performance evaluations process including completion of online Career Conference Performance Reviews (CCPRs)
  • Submitting annual certifications and reporting professional external activities through Emory eCOI
  • Carbon copying your VA email address whenever emailing any VA work to or from the VA
  • Regularly accessing both of your Emory and VA email accounts

Leadership's Commitment to Faculty Success

Emory Administration

  • Reporting all-source faculty salary and effort annually to the AAMC
  • Accurately managing shifts in effort
  • Keeping faculty informed of academic community developments and opportunities
  • Offering professional development opportunities

VA Administration 

  • Encouraging and supporting VA faculty in pursuing activities that further academic and research missions
  • Providing quarterly salary and effort information to Emory Administration