Accessing & Forwarding Emails

If you do not log onto your email accounts very frequently, you may be missing out on important communications. Below are instructions for: 

Accessing VA email remotely

To access VA email remotely, you must request access from the ADPAC specific to your service line. Email the ADPAC at to be routed to your appropriate service line ADPAC. 

Forwarding VA emails to Emory

VA staff are not able to automatically forward VA emails to an Emory account. If you manually send emails from the VA to Emory accounts, you must carbon copy your VA email. PKI cannot be sent between the VA and Emory. 

Forwarding Emory emails to a VA account

The EmoryExchange and Emory Office 365 email systems are designed for the secure, encrypted transmission and storage of email messages within Emory Healthcare and Emory University.  
In order to preserve this high level of email security, for Emory personnel that use email for the transmission or receipt of patient or other confidential information, the forwarding of email to a system outside of EmoryExchange or Emory Office 365 environments will not be allowed.  This includes other Emory Department Email as well as outside email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail.
Emory personnel who do not use email to transmit or receive patient or other confidential information can request that automatic email forwarding be activated by completing a request via
Note: Members of the Emory Healthcare and Woodruff Health Sciences are not allowed to forward email under any circumstance.