VA Physician Orientation

Atlanta VAMC

The Atlanta VA Physician Orientation is a one day orientation held every other Friday. All VA employees attend the Monday-Thursday general orientation and physicians complete an additional tailored orientation from 8am-3pm that Friday. The personalized orientation consists of two parts:

Part I: An in-person orientation providing the following information:

  • Medical Center Chief of Staff Welcome and Introduction/Question Session
  • Clinician-Patient Communication
  • Research Overview
  • Compensation and Leave
  • Educational Opportunities and Requirements
  • Quality Management
  • Patient Satisfaction Scores
  • Risk Management
  • CPRS Basics
  • Secure Messaging Workload Credit
  • VA Pulse
  • VA Acronym
  • VA Points of Contact

Part II: Hands-On Modules providing the following information:

  • VA Vista Log-In
  • Signature Code
  • CPRS Training with Personalized Templates
  • Outlook Personalized Templates

The Physician Orientation point of contact is Keisha Thompson, who can be reached at or (404) 321-6111, extension 1563.