Emory Physician Orientation

As a new physician, you will attend several orientations in which you will learn about TEC and Emory University benefit plans.

  • SOM Department Orientation: Each department has an HR representative who will provide this orientation. This person will work with you to provide benefits information and direction on where to find additional benefits resources.
  • Emory University Orientation: This face-to-face orientation is provided by the EU Benefits Department; however, you must register for it on the Onboarding website. Orientation is usually on 1st and 3rd Monday of each month. Here you will be provided a copy of the Benefits Guide and a one-page comparison of the medical plans. 
  • TEC Physician Orientation: This orientation given by Physician HR will provide information about benefits available from TEC, as well as an overview of EU benefits. TEC physician orientation is usually every month and twice per month in the summer. Physician orientation for the TEC is scheduled by the SOM in coordination with TEC Physician HR. You must attend within 90 days of your start date. 
  • SOM Dean’s Office Orientation: This annual event, usually in September, provides an orientation and welcome from the school and includes networking and a resource fair. See the SOM New Faculty Orientation web page for details.