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I can't see the bottom of the slides using IE on Windows. What's wrong?

Newer wide screen displays may cut off the bottom of slides on the DVD Review. You may find that in Windows and Internet Explorer, going to full screen (F11) takes care of this issue.

You can resize the IE screen by clicking the resize icon in the upper right corner and drag the left boarder centrally.

 If not, this is easy to remedy, by changing the screen resolution of the computer temporarily while viewing the Review. You can watch a "flash" video of this process here, or just follow these steps:

  1. On your desktop, right click on your mouse.
  2. Select "Properties"
  3. On the window that opens, select "Settings".
  4. On the slider on the left side of the settings screen, click and drag to set the screen resolution to 1280 x 1024 pixels. Note the setting you had been using so you can change it back later if desired.
  5. Click "Apply" and "Ok"
  6. You screen may momentarily go blank, but will return then with the new display.

I have Window Vista or Windows 7 and the DVD will not start automatically and I can not open the CDReadme1st.htm file to see the main menu.

To eliminate the Windows security messages and allow the Autorun program to start the DVD:

  1. Open Internet Explorer- Click on Tools> Internet Options>Privacy tab and turn off Pop-up Blocker
  2. Advanced Tab – scroll down to Security and check the boxes “Allow Active content from my CD-DVDs and my Computer”
  3. Also, under Internet options, click on the security tab and turn protected mode OFF (if it is present – usually in new Vista and Windows 7 PCs) by un-checking the box. This will allow IE to view the web pages on the DVD.
  4. Exit Internet Explorer and restart your PC
  5. Put the DVD in your DVD tray, close the tray and choose the Autorun program to go to  the main menu page in Internet Explorer.

Can I play the DVD in my home DVD player?

No. The software utilized in the split screen format uses Internet Explorer and the Windows Media Player for the presentation, so the DVD will not play on a stand-along DVD player. The Mac version works with safari or Firefox web browsers and the free Abode Flash video player.

Can I play the audio files on the DVD in my CD player?

No. These files were added to the DVD as a bonus, and are in MP3 format. Our intention was to have these available for people who might want to install them on their MP3 players.  Please follow the instructions with your MP3 player for moving MP3 files. You can burn a new audio CD using the MP3 files and software like Windows media Player.

I have the Mac DVD, why are the links not working

The Mac version is optimized to play in Mac PCs with Firefox or Safari web browser and Adobe Flash video player. The screen is not resizable in the Mac version. The autorun will not automatically load the main menu page in Mac, You will see a list of files on the DVD when you in insert it. Choose the Amenu.htm file not the folder to see the main menu with working links.. This DVD will also work in PCs using  IE, Fire fox and Safari web browsers with the Flash player. The Widows PC version is better

I like to use a Firefox browser. Will it work?

Only the Mac Version will work in Windows PCs and Mac PCs with Firefox or Safari web browsers and Flash video player.

If you have the Win version for Windows 7, Vista or XP you need to use only Internet Explorer (IE) NOT Firefox.

Firefox will make the text on the main menu all garbled and unreadable on the Win version. You need to only use Internet Explorer and make IE the default browser while using the DVD. To set IE as the default open IE, go to Tools/Internet Options/Programs tab. Go down to Default Web browser section and click on the button labeled "Make Defualt"  Also check the box "tell me if IE is not the default browser". Next click OK. Exit Internet Explorer and re insert your DVD in the DVD drive. Say yes to any warnings that say Active content may harm your computer, do you want to continue. The DVD runs using active content. The main menu should start properly

I get a warning from my Internet Explorer security that Active-X contact has been blocked, and I don't see anything on the screen. What do I need to do?

You need to click on the warning and allow Active X contact from the DVD set. You should then see the split screen format.

Similarly, some antivirus software will attempt to block the auto-run software on the DVD when you first insert either in your drive. If you get a warning from your antivirus about the auto-load software, please allow it to function.

How do I load video on my iPhone or Smartphone?

Please refer to these instructions.

How do I play the Board Review on my Windows Net book without a DVD drive?

Get a 8 GB USB drive or a external hard drive and copy the entire DVD Disc1 contents to it using a PC with a DVD player. Then connect your USB or external hard drive to your Net book and play the CDreadme1st.htm file to load the main menu

How do I watch the Board review on a big screen TV or projector?

You can use a VGA cable from your PC to your TV or projector. You can by video cables for iPad/iPhone/iTouch that connect to the video in slot on your TV or projector.

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