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Alumni Publications

Physician assistants and nurse practitioners are not interchangeable JAAPA, April 2016, Virginia Hass, DNP, FNP-C, PA-C

Role of the Gut Microbiota of Children in Diarrhea Due to the Protozoan Parasite Entamoeba histolytica Journal of Infectious Diseases, Feb. 2016, Co-authored by Daniel J. Reichman, PA-C

A Change of HAART: New HIV Prevention Guidelines for High-Risk Populations PA Professional, March 2015 by Jeremy Amayo, PA-C

Emergent Technology in Critical Care: How eICUs Work PA Professional, Jan. 2015 by Michele Emory, PA-C and Tim Buchman, PHD, M.D.

Battling Ebola: A View From the Front Line, Part 1 WebMD, Dec. 2014 by Jeri Sumitani, PA-C

Prevalence and Predictors of Food Insecurity in Migrant Farmworkers in Georgia American Journal of Public Health, May 2011 by Brittany G. Hill, PA-C, MPH, MSc, MMSc, Ashley G. Moloney, PA-C, MPH, MMSc, Terry Mize, PA-C, MMSc, Tom Himelick, PA-C, MMSc and Jodie L. Guest, PhD, MPH 

Technology in the Classroom-What are you Using? Journal of Physician Assistant Education, February 2011, Allan Platt, PA-C, MMSc

Have-a-Disease Workshop: Teaching Evidence-Based Medical Interviews Using PDAs, Journal of Physician Assistant Education, 2010, Allan Platt, PA-C, MMSc 

Embracing Mobile Technology PA Professional, August 2010. Alumni Sandra Wiley, contributor

mHealth Goes Global PA Professional, August 2010. Alumni Allan Platt, contributor

Buprenorphine: A more accessible treatment for opioid dependence JAAPA, September 2010, Jason Flassing, PA-C, MMSc

Put a PDA in your practice for easy access to current medical information JAAPA, May 2009 Allan Platt, PA-C, MMSc

Can you recognize a patient at risk for a hypercoagulable state? JAAPA, December 2008, Allan Platt, PA-C, MMSc

Understanding and treating disorders of the clotting system JAAPA, December 2007, Allan Platt, PA-C, MMSc

Race-based therapeutics: A discussion surrounding heart failure trials JAAPA Feb 2007, Natalie Schmitz, PA-C, MMSc


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