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James "Rick" Kilgore (81) PA-C, PhD

On the front lines of the H1N1 vaccine development team was an Emory alumnus, James Kilgore (81). "Rick" Kilgore has been involved in clinical trials and research since the 1980’s when he was a relatively new physician assistant at UAB. In fact, Rick traces his  interest in research back to his high school days and a science project that got him involved in the hematology/ oncology area. Rick now is involved with Clinical Research Consultants, Inc. and has completed over 300 trials in various areas In recent years the company was involved in vaccine development for dengue fever and avian influenza. In   June of 2009 his site was chosen as one of the 15 sites to begin working on the swine flu vaccine. Rick comments on the involvement in the vaccine trials as meaningful. "Our opportunity to participate in this significant public health pandemic has been both rewarding but very hard, with sometimes difficult and time consuming work. The attention to detail on this trial has been significant. Our ability to control the rage of a disease is one we probably can only achieve a few times in a generation. But to control the damage of the rage of a disease is a goal we constantly strive. Saving lives is still our ultimate goal. We can only hope that the vaccine we have all spent so much time over the past month working to determine its effectiveness and safety will affect the course of this disease. We may not be able to control the rage but we are sure going to hope we can now control the damage."

KilgoreUpdate 6/11 - James R. Kilgore, PhD, PA-C, a distinguished Fellow of the AAPA has been named President of the Physician Assistant Foundation in Alexandria, VA beginning June 10, 2011.  Dr. Kilgore is President and CEO of Clinical Research Consultants in Hoover, AL conducting clinical research trials in several hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the Birmingham metropolitan area. Dr. Kilgore has served in a variety of national positions in the AAPA since 1989 including its Board of Directors.  He has served as President of the Alabama Society of PAs.  The mission of the foundation is to develop and allocate resources that empower the PA profession to impact the health and wellness of communities PAs serve.  The PA Foundation supports PA student scholarships, PA-led community-based project grants, international humanitarian outreach programs and research activities

Read the PDF of "A Day in the Life of Rick Kilgore" from JAAPA

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