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Upcoming CME Meetings

Jeri Sumitani Fighting Ebola on the Front Lines

Darvin Foo, PA-C, MMSc PT - At the Shepherd Center

Christopher Barry, PA-C, MMSc, - Pediatrics

James "Rick" Kilgore (81) PA-C, PhD

Jonathan Choi, PA-C - Family Practice to underserved

Tom Himelick PA-C, MMSc - Primary care clinic in western New Mexico

Jamie Ellingwood PA-C, MMSc providing Migrant care in North Carolina

Elizabeth Murray, PA-C, MMSc - Serving the underserved in Chicago

Wendy and Joe Bulow at the Pueblo Community Health Center

Fred Hesser, the Wandering Physician Assistant By Fran Hesser

Nadine Hart, (Class of 1991 ) reaches out to Uganda

Carter Cooper PA-C, MMSc Neurosugery

Diane D. Abercrombie, PhD, PA-C - PA Educator and Primary Care Provider

Tonia Poteat PA-C MMSc, MPH - excellence in HIV care

Daphne Blakley, PA-C, MMSc - Serving the underserved

Raquel Vazquez Ludwig, PA-C, MMSc

Katy Hoeft PA-C and the Wounded Warrior Program

Edwin Weih PA-C - Owns his own practice

Lauren Levy, PA-C MMSc, MPH in Washington DC

Abby Staible, PA-C, MMSc and Epic Experience

Filling the Void in Primary Care - Verdale Benson PA-C, MMSc

Diana Culbertson, PA-C 2014 graduate in Liberia

PA Alumni Ruth Dotson, PA-C receives IPACT grant

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