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Utilities and Resources

Georgia Power (electric) 1-888-660-5890
BellSouth (local telephone service, DSL)  1-800-356-3094

Other local phone service providers may be available, or you may consider using cellular service as your phone.

Atlanta Gas Light Company (gas)   1-800-427-5463

There are other natural gas providers in the metro Atlanta too. You may want to check with your landlord for options.

Cable TV and Cable high speed internet - companies vary by the section of metro Atlanta in which you live. Check with your landlord.

Automobile Tags

Cobb County   (770) 528-4020
DeKalb County  (404) 298-4000
Fulton County  (404) 730-6100
Gwinnett County  (770) 822-8801

Banks Near Emory

Note: Students should investigate hours and charges for any bank chosen, along with convenience to campus or housing. Other smaller banks may also be available, and this list is not intended to be comprehensive.

Bank of America 
Toco Hills Shopping Center (Kroger);              
N. Dekalb Mall , 2052 Lawrenceville Hwy  (404) 329-4810;
Emory Village, 1615 N. Decatur Rd. (404) 329-4835

* Various other locations of Bank of America throughout metro Atlanta.

Wachovia (closest to  PA classroom)   
Emory, 725 Houston Mill Road NE at Emory  (404) 329-1830;
Toco Hills Shopping Center , 2851 N. Druid Hills, NE   (404) 329-1850 ;                             
ATM at Dodds University Center (DUC)

* Various other locations of Wachovia  throughout metro Atlanta.

Emory Federal Credit Union
Campus Branch, 605 Asbury Circle (404) 727-9950
Main Office,1237 Clairmont Road  (404) 329-6415 

Public Transportation

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) ( provides bus and rail service from campus to downtown and other areas around Atlanta.  Fare is $1.50— includes both bus and rail service.  Monthly passes can be purchased at MARTA ticketing booths or at the Emory Information Desk in the DUC (at a reduce fare).  Schedules and maps of bus routes are available free of charge online or at MARTA information booths.

Transportation to and from the airport can be provided by MARTA and is highly recommended due to the limited amount and high cost of parking in airport lots.  Taxi service from the airport to the Emory area is also available for approximately $30.00.  Hotel limousines can also be used to get to the major hotels in the area.

 If you are planning on using MARTA as your primary mode of transportation in Atlanta, it is a good idea to research the availability of the service both through MARTA and with the apartment complexes you are looking at.  Please note that transportation to Emory is limited to buses only.  Free parking is available at many of the perimeter stations.

Emory runs a free "Cliff" shuttle bus service near many local apartments and shops:  see

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