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Health Care Experience

careWorking in a health care environment with other members of the health care team is valued for the indication of interest and commitment of the applicant to a career in healthcare. Emory requires 2000 hours minimum of direct patient care. These are patient contact hours providing care, therapy, diagnostics, counseling, and education. It does not include administration, bench research, or office work. It does not include observation or "shadowing" time.The average accepted applicant has over 8000 hours.  It can offer the applicant an opportunity to understand the role of the PA on the healthcare team and better appreciate the interrelationships of all healthcare providers in the care of the patient. Experience can be gained in a wide variety of areas, including as a few examples: hospital/ED technician, nursing assistant/aide, EMT/Paramedic, OR technicians, ED scribes, PT assistant, respiratory therapy aide, etc. Applicants are highly encouraged to seek out interactions with PAs in a variety of healthcare settings to better understand the role of a PA in various specialties.

Here is a wordle of the patient care experience of the current first year class