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Alumni Publications

Brittany G. Hill, PA-C, MPH, MSc, MMSc,  Ashley G. Moloney, PA-C, MPH, MMSc, Terry Mize, PA-C, MMSc,  Tom Himelick, PA-C, MMSc and Jodie L. Guest, PhD, MPH Prevalence and Predictors of Food Insecurity in Migrant Farmworkers in Georgia Am J Public Health.2011; 101: 831-833

Jason Flassing (Grad 2008), MMSc, PA-C Buprenorphine: A more accessible treatment for opioid dependence JAAPASept 2010

Allan Platt (Grad 1979)  MMSc, PA-C Put a PDA in your practice for easy access to current medical informationJAAPA May 2009

Platt A Teaching Millennials Medicine – Technology in the Classroom, Journal of Physician Assistant Education 2010  21-2 42 -44.

Platt A, Eckman J, Hsu L Hope and Destiny: The New Hilton Guide to Sickle Cell Disease & Sickle Cell Trait for Patients and Parents 12/10.

Platt A e-Connections–Five  medical programs you need on your hip, PAProfessional, December 2010.

Platt A What are you using? – Technology in the Classroom, Journal of Physician Assistant Education Feruary 2011

Natalie Schmitz (Grad 2005), MMSc, PA-C Race-based therapeutics: A discussion surrounding heart failure trials JAAPA Feb 2007

 Alumni Sandra Wiley was interviewed on her use of mobile technology in clinical practice in Embracing  Mobile Technology in PA Professional August 2010 issue credit/courtesy of. AAPA - PA Professional

Alumni Allan Platt interviewd for mHealth goes Global  in PA Professional August 2010 issuecredit/courtesy of. AAPA - PA Professional

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