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National Health Service Corps-NHSC Scholars

The NHSC Program started in 1972 with the mission to connect primary health providers to underserved populations throughout the U.S. There are currently more than 40,000 primary care, dental and mental health care professionals in the NHSC community providing care to more than 10.4 million people. Among some of the programs offered by the organization is the NHSC Scholarship. The NHSC Scholarship is a prestigious award given to those who are committed to working in an underserved community after graduation. The scholarship covers all of the programs' expenses and helps place students in clinics of their choice after graduation. The scholarship is an invaluable way to get involved helping the underserved and reaching out to those communities in need. 

NHSC - Class of 2014

From our scholars (Left to Right)

 "The majority of my experience working with underserved communities has been with populations affected and infected with HIV or other sexually transmitted infections within metro Atlanta. The NHSC Scholarship affords me the opportunity to continue to serve this population and prevent illness and disease."   ~Dannon
" I have done a lot of my clinic work in HIV vaccine research and clinical research with the MSM population in Atlanta. I am from a very small town so this scholarship will allow me to work and practice medicine in rural areas in the communities I have grown up in."     ~Takeia
"Working with different populations who have limited or no access to healthcare has been my interest and passion. My work in public health prevention programs in accordance with delivery of healthcare gave me the insight I needed to help underserved communities and those that I will continue to serve. This scholarship opportunity will allow me to further my role as an advocate in serving those communities."     ~Farida

"I have done a majority of my work with underserved communities throughout Latin America and within community clinics in the Washington D.C. area. This scholarship is the perfect way for me to work and get involved with the communities I care about after graduation."    ~Ana Maria

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