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The South Georgia Farmworker Project Community Partners

The South Georgia Farmworker Project began in 1996 as a collaboration between the Emory Physician Assistant Program, Southwest Georgia Area Health Education Center (SOWEGA AHEC), and community partners in Brooks, Lowndes, Thomas, and Echols counties in south Georgia. In 1998, SOWEGA AHEC brought together the PA Program and partners in Decatur County, and the Project expanded to two weeks.

In listing partners and others who have helped, one runs the risk of neglecting to list everyone. Please view this list as a work in progress, and if your organization should be on the list, please tell us!

The South Georgia Farmworker Health Project is indebted to many donors, who have provided a vast variety of products for distribution or other support to farmworkers and their family members. We would like to thank the following donors, and urge you to visit their websites:

  • Alcon - We greatly appreciate the donation of product by Alcon, allowing us to better manage the frequent eye complaints of our patients.
  • Cintas - For a number of years Cintas plants in the Atlanta area have donated gently used work clothing for donation to our patients. This is consistent with the Matthew 25: Ministries program of the Cintas corporation. We greatly appreciate the efforts of the Cintas employees who have taken it upon themselves to gather up clothing we can use.
  • Beulah Land Soaps - The handmade soaps of Beulah Land have been very popular gifts for our female patients.
  • Illinois Glove Company - Work gloves provided by the Illinois Glove Company have been very popular, and we greatly appreciated the continued support of the company.
  • The Atlanta Track Club  - The ATC has donated gently used running shoes, new socks, and new race t-shirts, all of which have been popular items with our patients.
  • The Glenn School for Young Children - We greatly appreciate the donations of used children's clothing and maternity clothing from the Glenn School's children's clothing sale. 

We would like to also acknowledge the donations of others who have asked to remain anonymous. We greatly appreciate all of this support.

If you have donated items to our Project and would like to be listed on this site, please contact the webmaster.

Community Partners

SOWEGA AHEC - Based in Albany, GA, SOWEGA AHEC is part of a statewide system of Area Health Education Centers in Georgia, and serves a multitude of counties in southwest Georgia. Their mission is to increase access to primary care services in rural underserved areas in Southwest Georgia through the recruitment, training, and retention of primary care health professionals.

The Migrant Farmworkers Clinic, Lake Park, GA - Started in response to the need for on-going services to farmworkers, this innovative clinic is currently open two days/week, with evening hours adjusted to increase access for farmworkers. They are the primary community partner for the Valdosta-based week of the Project. The clinic is located on land between two large packing sheds in rural Echols county, and near a trailer park utilized by many of the migrant workers in the area. Outreach staff from the Clinic continue to play a vital role in the Project, and were instrumental in helping develop the original outreach methods utilized by the SGFHP. They continue to provide Project guidance and liaison with growers in the community.

The Georgia Farmworker Health Program, Decatur County- The primary community partner for the Decatur county week of the Project, the GFWHP provides on-going services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers in the community, in addition to other residents needing primary care services. The clinic now has two mobile coaches (converted donated ambulances) so services can be taken to distant migrant camps. They offer evening and Saturday clinic hours during peak seasons to better accommodate farmworkers, and have a staff of dedicated interpreters and outreach workers.

The Ellenton Clinic - The Ellenton Clinic is a free standing clinic serving Farmworkers in Brooks, Colquitt, Cook and Tift counties. They provide a wide array of services, and are open full-time during the week with extended evening hours to accommodate farmworkers' schedules. They have been of great assistance to this Project through their ability to follow referrals from our northern Brooks county sites, and in their assistance in planning and interpreter recruiting for the same sites.

Brooks County Health Department - Support for the Brooks County Health Department was instrumental in the early years of the Project, as they assisted in supplies, tents, and other logistics for the young Project.

Archbold Medical Center - A regional medical center system, based in Thomasville, GA, Archbold has kindly donated the use of a large mobile coach for the Project's use every year. Their participation in this donation, and in support through smaller regional hospitals, has been greatly appreciated.

Central Congregational Church UCC - From 1999 to 2005, Central Congregational UCC worked with the Emory PA program and the SGFHP to distribute clothing and to support the Emory PA's with their preventative care program for the farmworker children in the Summer school program in Bainbridge. When the school project ended, Central involvement in Bainbridge ended. Youth and adults from Central began again in 2008 to support the SGFHP by helping with the clothing collection in Atlanta and subsequent distribution to the farmworkers in the Valdosta area. This year they are taking the lead in organizing the clothing distribution for the week in Valdosta, GA.

Oconee Street United Methodist Church (Athens) - Oconee Street is a small, but very involved church. They have helped in sorting and packing of donated clothing, and have been wonderful donors of new cotton socks and other items.

Valdosta State University - VSU has had faculty and students participate as interpreters in the Valdosta-based project for a number of years.  Their linguistic dedication is appreciated! In addition, student and faculty from the Masters of Social Work (Division of Social Work) joined the Project in June 2006, and continue to work with us. For more information about their students' participation, please see this reflection.

Telamon Corporation - Telamon provides training and educational programs for farmworkers. A number of their employees have assisted the Project in planning, and as volunteer interpreters.

South Georgia Medical Center (SGMC) - We appreciate the support of SGMC through their donations of supplies and arranging for the wonderful event tent to provide shelter from both the sun and the rain.

Valdosta Amigos - Amigos is an advocacy organization for Latino/Hispanic issues in Valdosta. Many of the interpreters for the SGFHP (Valdosta area project) are members of Amigos, and Amigos has helped the SGFHP build connections to various organizations in the Valdosta area.

Many churches and faith communities have supported the Project through feeding and welcoming the team of volunteers, and in providing volunteers for registration and other types of logistic support. A partial list of these wonderful churches :

  • Morven Baptist Church, Morven
  • Airport Church of Christ, Valdosta
  • Forrest Park Church of Christ, Valdosta
  • First Methodist Church, Valdosta
  • First Baptist Church, Valdosta
  • Lake Park United Methodist Church, Lake Park
  • The Echols County Ministerial Association and its member churches
    • Bethel Church of God
    • Sardis Baptist Church
    • Statenville Baptist Church
    • Statenville Methodist Church
    • Wright's Chapel United Methodist Church
    • The Potter's House - Casa Del Alfrero 
  • First Methodist Church, Bainbridge
  • First Baptist Church, Bainbridge
  • Fellowship Baptist Church, Bainbridge
  • Bowen Baptist Association, Bainbridge
  • Salvation Army, Bainbridge

We express our appreciation to the growers of Echols, Brooks, Lowndes, and Decatur counties, who have allowed our large group onto their farms, and access to workers in their farms, camps and packing sheds. We appreciate their openness and concern for their workers. We appreciate the businesses that have also welcomed our team, notably Katie's Store, RJ's Store, and Moreno Plaza, all in Lake Park, GA.

Finally, we express our appreciation to the farmworkers themselves. We recognize your contribution to the economy of Georgia, and to our lives. You teach us about life, as we provide the care we can for you. Thank you for allowing us to provide what we can for you.

If you would like to contribute time or products to the outreach Project, please let us know.