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Program Goal 1

Support students’ journey to become well prepared, certified PAs by providing high-quality, evidence-based curriculum and diverse clinical training opportunities.

-Well prepared to enter clinical practice

In the exit survey of the classes of 2015 and 2016, 82% of graduates stated they feel prepared for clinical practice.

The PANCE first-time average pass rate for the Emory PA Program for the last five years is above the national average.

The attrition rate of the Emory PA Program is less than 2% over the last three cohorts.

-High-quality education

The Emory PA program attracts experts and excellent lecturers from the broad Emory community, the region and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to teach our students.

-Evidence-based curriculum

Evidence-based medicine is an integral component of the PA curriculum.

Students matriculate in an epidemiology/biostatistics course (PAE 7002) and learn key concepts to interpret research publications. Building on these concepts and coordinating with modules, guided journal clubs present hallmark papers with a focus on interpretation of the evidence. Additionally, current best practices research evidence is presented in each module to guide clinical decision-making.

Clinical year students return to campus at the end of each rotation for further focus on evidence-based research in internal medicine topics.

-Diverse clinical training opportunities

Students are exposed to multiple healthcare delivery systems including academic healthcare settings, community hospitals, rural clinics, urban institutions in medically underserved areas, the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center and private practices. Bilingual students may rotate through predominately Spanish-speaking sites, and all students have service opportunities to work with cultural minorities in Atlanta as well as Georgia.  Grady Memorial Hospital serves a multicultural population with patients from African nations, the Middle East, South and Central America, and Eastern Europe. This diversity requires work with onsite translators or language line capabilities of 50 languages. All students complete one rotation in a medically underserved site.

The Emory PA Program works closely with the Global Health Institute of Emory University.  Through this program, students can join Emory faculty on international projects with recent rotations in Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Tanzania. The Program also works with other international outreach groups.

All students complete their core rotation in inpatient medicine at an Emory-affiliated hospital. Additionally, students complete a psychiatry rotation at an Emory affiliated academic healthcare center or a community based psychiatric clinic that serves the homeless and one rotation in a rural area to further increase the variety of experiences.

The Emory PA Program offers three elective rotations, 15 weeks in total length, which include an Academic Medicine rotation for students interested in teaching in a PA Program in the future, as well as opportunities in all medical and surgical subspecialties. Students utilize these elective rotations for PANCE preparation and career exploration.  From pediatric specialty rotations such as pediatric inpatient medicine, pediatric hematology/oncology and rotations in the PICU to geriatrics and palliative care, our students have a wide array of choices.

In the exit survey, over 85% of students listed the variety of available rotations as one of the five strengths of the Emory PA Program.

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