Previous Issues

Some past presentations from visitors to the FAC (2013-2015):




Heather Hamby

Exec Assoc Dean,  COO

Shared Services/Financial Strategy

Marc Overcash

Asst Dean IT 

Emory Commons/Emory First

Trish Haugaard

Asst Dean, Research

Vince Dollard

Assc VP, HSC Communications

Social media

Wendy Darling

Comm. Specialist

Deb Houry-

President, University Senate

Senate survey on

shared governance

Sharon Weiss

Asst Dean for Fac Develop

David Wynes

VP for Research

Administrative burden in laboratory compliance issues

Patty Olinger

Dir EnvironHealth & Safety, Asst Dean

Brenda Seiton

Asst VP for Res Admin, Dir. Conflict of Interest Offc

Administrative burden in

Conflict of Interest issues

Bob Taylor

Director, Division of Cardiology

Helen McLaughlin

Assistant Dean for Administration, SOM

David Martin-.

Assoc Director, Institutional Animal Care and Use Comm

Administrative burden in animal research

Ray Dingledine-

Exec Assoc Dean of Research

SOM bridge funding program

Kathy Griendling- 

Asst. Dean for Faculty Devel.

Faculty recognition