Mission Statement

The Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) was established in 2008 by Dean Thomas Lawley. The charge to the FAC was to serve as a conduit for feedback from the School of Medicine faculty to the Dean regarding issues relevant to faculty functioning in the SOM.

FAC Bylaws

Questions or CommentS

We welcome your suggestions for the Dean’s Faculty Advisory Committee, especially suggestions for discussion. If you would like to include your name and/or email address you are welcome to do so but it is not required.





2016-2017 Dean's Faculty Advisory Committee

Term Ends
Mark Mullins (Chair) - Radiology and Imaging Sciences July 2017  
Amy Chen - Otolaryngology   July 2020
Sushma Cribbs - Internal Medicine   July 2018
Jonathan D. Glass - Neurology July 2017  
Jeannette Guarner - Pathology July 2017  
Stacy Higgins - Internal Medicine                    July 2020   
Colleen Kraft - Pathology July 2017
Leslie Lawley - Dermatology Pediatrics July 2018
Douglas Lowery - North, Emergency Medicine July 2018
Greg Martin - Pulmonary Medicine July 2018
Shonna McBride - Microbiology/Immunology   July 2018
Edward Morgan - Pharmacology July 2018
Gina Northington - Gynecology Obstetrics July 2018
David Weinshenker - Human Genetics July 2018
Keith Wilkinson - Biochemistry July 2020