Within ExCEL we have offered a variety of programs and have hosted educational events for School of Medicine, Woodruff Health Science Center, and Continuing Medical Education. ExCEL faculty and staff are available for consultations in developing innovative training and assessment programs.

Summary of Simulation Programs/Courses

Summary of Clinical Skills Programs/Courses

  • Becoming A Doctor (Communication, Physical Assessment, Sensitive Topic Discussion, Breaking Bad News, Well Baby Experience, Gynecological and Male GU Exams)
  • Medical Student Clerkship Clinical Skills Exams for Psychiatry, Emergency Medicine, Junior Medicine, Surgery and Surgery sub-i clerkships,
  • Medical Student demonstration of competency in Neurological Exam Skills
    • End of Foundations Medical Student Clincial Skills Exam
    • End of Applications Medical Student Clinical Skills Exam
  • Physician Assistant Physical Assessment course & End of Module Clinical Skills Exams.
  • Physician Assistant End of 1st year Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE).
  • Physician Assistant End of 2nd year OSCE.
  • Physical Therapy Clinical Skills Exams periodically throughout the curriculum
  •  Genetic Counseling Clinical Skills Exams periodically throughout the curriculum
  • Foreign Language Speaker/Interpreter experiences.
  • Standardized Patient (SP) Demonstrations in class or small group (Geriatrics, Well Child Exams,Breaking Bad News, Presentation of GI Problems, )
  • Medical Residency Clinical Skills Assessments (Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine)
  • Medical Residency Teaching & Clinical Skills Exams (Palliative Care Skills including Delivering Bad News, Utilizing a Rapid Alcohol Assessment Tool in Emergency Department Trauma Cases, Sexual Assault Exams & Counseling, Ultrasound Competency)
  • Medical Fellows Clinical Skills Exams in Endocrinology, Palliative Care
    (Breaking Bad News and End of Life Directives, Family Meetings) and Pulmonary (End of Life Directives, Assessing Multi-factorial Serious Pulmonary Disease, Breaking Bad News)
  • Pediatric and Adult Palliative Care Experiences for a variety of levels of learners (graduating medical students, pediatric intensive care residents, and  oncology, palliative care and oncology fellows)
  • Ultrasound Instructions & Evaluation for Medical and PA Students, Emergency Medicine Residents and Pulmonary Fellows
  • EKG Instruction for PA Students
  • CME Courses Advanced Trauma Life Support and Ultrasonography for Nephrologists.
  • Mock Interviews for departing fellows.
  • Objective Standardized Teaching Exam for Medical Students


  • Georgia Institute of Technology (senior design course)
  • Emory School of Nursing (team training)