Image Description
  • Basic Science Breakthroughs - Fragile X Syndrome
  • Date: 2018
  • Link:ERAS
  • Type: Animation, Printed Book
  • Team: Tripathi
Basic Science Breakthroughs - Fragile X Syndrome

In 1993, a team led by Emory University‚Äôs Stephen Warren discovered the gene that is the root cause for Fragile X Syndrome. Stephen Warren and certified medical illustrator Michael Konomos team up to tell to the story of Fragile X, from the discovery of the gene to what we understand today. Through the use of realistic, accurate, and visually stunning animations, you will journey from the gene to the brain where the ultimate effects are most profoundly felt. This modern teaching tool was designed to engage medical students with the molecular world in a way that gives them a better appreciation for how the smallest parts of our body actually work, and inspire them to continue the investigations into Fragile X Syndrome until there is a cure.

Who is this for

Medical students and Fragile X families.

The Result

An animated sequence contained within the electronic book was tested with a class of first year medical students and found to be as effective as a traditional classroom lecture with medical students. The book received the Award of Merit at the Association of Medical Illustrators 2018 annual meeting in Boston.