About Us

Visual Medical Education Team
Our team of medical illustrators are highly trained in science and digital arts. Our goal is to improve health and educational outcomes.
Photo of Michael Konomos

Everything is ultimately for the patient, no matter who we are teaching. That’s why I love what we do.

Michael Konomos, MS, CMI

VME Team Leader, School of Medicine
Team Member

I like working alongside a team of clinicians and researchers to create visually driven content that tells a clear, meaningful story.

Satyen Tripathi, MA, CMI

Medical Illustrator for Surgery and Transplant
Team Member

I am focused on using the latest technology to teach medical students, residents, and physicians about the critical role surgical anatomy plays in the operating room.

Andy Matlock, MS

Medical Illustrator for CSAT - Center for Surgical Anatomy and Techniques
Team Member

My clinical background and experience have made me be able to understand special considerations that go into the development of health products.

Bona Kim, MA, CMI

Medical Illustrator for Brain Health Center