Keeping Your Meeting Secure

Schools across the country have reported cases of uninvited guests logging into Zoom meetings and sharing inappropriate content—a practice called “Zoom bombing.” Take a moment to learn how to keep your Zoom meetings secure.

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Share your Screen

Select Share Screen at the bottom of your Zoom meeting window. From here you'll be given various options such as sharing your full desktop or individual applications. To share your computer sound with others, simply select the checkbox for share computer sound and then select Share Screen. Once content sharing begins, you can always select Stop Share to stop sharing your screen with others at any time.

Mute, Start Video, Invite Others

Once in the Zoom meeting there are a range of controls that can be used.  Select the microphone icon in the bottom left hand corner of the Zoom meeting window to mute and unmute yourself. The same can be done with video by selecting the video camera icon.

You can select invite to invite others to the Zoom meeting through email. You can see other participants by selecting the participants icon. You can also start recording by selecting the Record button. If you're the host of the Zoom meeting, you will have additional controls under participants. By selecting more you can allow a user to record, rename them, or even remove them from the Zoom meeting. You will also be able to mute and unmute all participants within the Zoom meeting.

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting in Outlook

To schedule a Zoom meeting in Outlook make sure you're logged into the Zoom application as well as have your Outlook calendar open. On your Outlook calendar click new meeting and you should then see the add Zoom meeting button. Click on this and verify the settings and click continue. The Zoom meeting details should then populate in the message. To change the topic of the meeting change the subject, make sure you adjust the date and time, and then add any desired recipients. If you would like to add a Zoom Room or room resource you can also add this in the to field. Once you're finished, click send and it will add the Zoom meeting to your upcoming meetings list as well as to your Zoom calendar.

Invite and Manage Participants

From within a meeting, you may invite additional participants and manage participant permissions

From within a meeting, you may invite additional participants and manage participant permissions

During a meeting, click “Invite” to send the meeting information to more participants by email, Zoom chat, phone, or room system by a host or co-host.

Meeting hosts can manage participants by clicking on the “Participants” button along the bottom of your Zoom window. Managing Participants will give you the ability to (among other features…):

  • Mute participants’ microphones and cameras
  • Grant or deny screen-sharing ability
  • Allowing participants to record locally
  • Grant host or co-host rights
  • Block a participant from joining

Alternative Hosts and Co-Hosts

All hosts must be within the same Zoom account

Before the meeting, a host may designate an alternative host to start the meeting if s/he is unable to.

  • To assign an alternative host via Outlook, click here OR
    • When Scheduling your meeting, go to “Advanced Options”
    • Enter the email address for your alternate host.
  • To assign an alternative host via the Web, click here OR follow the instructions above.
    • Note: The first alternative host to join before the meeting scheduler will be granted host controls. The scheduler may reclaim host controls by going to Participants and selecting Reclaim Host.

When in the meeting, hosts may assign co-hosts if needed. Click here for instructions OR

  • Click the “Participants” tab along the bottom of your Zoom window
  • Find your future co-host’s name and select

Instant Messages (IMs) and Persistent Chat

You may chat with individual participants or groups within or outside of meetings

IMs are different from in-meeting chat, which goes away once the meeting is complete.

Persistent chat history (outside of a meeting) is available for 30 days

You can share files up to 512 MB (screenshots, images, and documents to an individual or group

To create or join a Channel (aka Group), follow the instructions here OR

  • Open the Contacts window on your Zoom Client
  • Click the “+” button on the left side, next to “Directory” and “Channels”
  • Non-Emory contacts may be added to a group by email address

Other Useful Features

There are plenty of other features in Zoom, and here are a few highlights

Create a persistent meeting with no fixed time, click here. OR

  • Login to Zoom, go to “My Meetings”, then “Schedule a New Meeting”
  • When entering meeting information, select Recurring Meetings
  • Under the Recurring Meeting Options, Select Recurrence -> No Fixed Time

To test audio and video before the meeting, click here OR

  • Click the arrow next to the microphone icon in your Zoom window
  • Select “Test Speaker and Microphone”

International Dial-In Numbers allow international participants to dial in via telephone if network bandwidth is poor. View a list of numbers

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