PFTeach is an online educational tool open to Emory residents, medical students, and the entire Emory medical community. PFTeach was designed to help students feel more comfortable with interpreting PFTs and associated tests, ranging from basic to more subtle findings. This site will be enhanced as we add more PFTs, diagnostic tests (such as X-ray/CT images), CPETs (cardiopulmonary exercise tests), and ventilator waveform analysis. The goal of the site is to help users better understand the interpretation and use of these important non-invasive diagnostic tools.

PFTeach was developed by the Emory Pulmonary and Critical Care fellowship team to improve educational resources within our institution.

We welcome the submission of new content! Submitted cases should be associated with an image (PFTs, x-rays, CT scans, other tracings -- no patient identifiers please!), a question with at least four possible choices, and an explanation for the correct answer. All submissions will be peer-reviewed and, if accepted, posted to the site crediting the author. Email us at with any submissions or questions.

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