Department of Medicine

Emory Health Heroes Notes of Thanks

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes Location: Decatur, GA

Thank you to all the essential workers for their continued care of the community. You all are doing an amazing job and my family is so grateful for the continued sacrifices that your team is making. We are committed to doing everything we can to flatten the curve!

From: Marla To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

Thank you so much for your bravery in continuing to serve and expose yourselves to patients, knowing the risks of COVID-19. Your dedication is inspiring. I'll continue to do the little I can do — staying home, wearing a mask, and social distancing when I have to go out, washing my hands and using hand sanitizer — in the hopes that I won't add to your patient load. I hope Emory is supporting you all, providing PPE and paid leave and whatever else you need to stay the course for as long as the pandemic lasts. We're counting on you, and I'm grateful for you. 

From: Ilene Cooper To: Dr. Paul Baird Location: Atlanta, GA

Thank you so much for your tireless work in these difficult times. My husband and I think you are the best doctor we have ever had. Thank you so much! ❤️

From: Anonymous To: RN Cecilia, Emory University Hospital Midtown Location: DeFuniak Springs, FL

It has been almost six weeks since my back surgery and I haven't forgotten how impressed I was with your obvious desire to take care of your patients. You displayed a very professional attitude along with genuine kindness, and I was impressed. It is people like you that can turn an unpleasant stay in a hospital into a pleasant one. Thank you.

From: Michele Peeler To: All Health Heroes Location: Stone Mountain, GA

A huge thank you to all of you, everyone in the medical field! Thank you for the gift of your time, your best effort, your skills, experience, knowledge, care, sacrifice, risk of your own health, among many other gifts you share with your patients you care for day in and out. Thank you for your perseverance! I’m sure you must be exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. Thank you for pressing on! You are needed! You are appreciated! Thank you!

From: Dr. Ann Onimus To: Nurse Kristi Ingurgio Location: St. Francis, Columbus, GA

Thank you for being such a great nurse!

From: Kathy Silhavy To: All Health Heroes Location: Emory at Acworth

Thank you all! From walking in the door to the reception, they are smiling and greeting us. I also feel they are abiding by stay safe rules very well. Each person in this facility is great. Thank you all for staying happy and positive even when the patients are frustrated. Thank you for always caring, from the person on the phones to make an appointment, to the last person I see when I leave. You are the best! Thank you so much.

From: Flora Heydari To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

To all the heroes who are working through this pandemic at Emory and other hospitals, thank you for everything you do for us! We would not be where we are or even advancing in science for this virus if it wasn't for you all. You work so hard and deserve as much love as possible! I hope you all stay safe and keep fighting this virus!

From: Dan R. To: All Health Heroes Location: Redondo Beach, CA

Thank you so much for your courage during these unprecedented times! Your dedication in caring for our sick and ailing family and friends, when we are unable to, is truly a blessing to us all! We will NEVER forget the tremendous sacrifices you have made! I am doing my part to hasten the end of this scourge by wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, and washing my hands frequently in the hopes you can go back to a more normal life as soon as possible. Thank you, thank you, 1,000 times, thank you for all that you have done over the past six months and all that you will do to keep us healthy!

From: Christine Stoltz To: General Internal Medicine Staff Location: Emory Clinic at East Cobb

Thanks to everyone for your efforts, team spirit, and resilience through redeployment and clinic consolidation! Glad that we are back together and "home" again!

From: Natalie To: All Health Heroes

To those on the front lines of healthcare, you have by far the greatest challenge in this pandemic. When I hear people in the community complain about wearing a mask or not having life "back to normal," I feel angry about such petty selfishness and inability to see the world outside of such a narrow perspective. Thank you to all of you at every level of healthcare, for your courage, your compassion, your dedication, and your kindness in caring for all patients. COVID-19 Health Hero... this is an honor and a true legacy that you are earning again and again every day you do your job. Most people can not do what you do! I wish you strength and my family and I appreciate you!

From: Perry Cannon To: Adante Harvey and Clinical Informatics Team Location: Atlanta, GA

Hi Emory team,

I'm sure you all are adjusting to supporting clinicians during a pandemic. I am sure you are incredibly busy and that the work you are doing is taxing.

Know that your work is valuable and important. You are positively impacting the providers and the patients they treat.

The work you all are doing is nothing short of heroic. Stay safe, keep your heads up, and know that you are making a difference. Your Cerner adoption support family is sending love!

From: Anonymous To: Adante Harvey Location: Atlanta, GA

I want to thank Adante for supporting his team and being a leader during the pandemic. He is successfully managing his team through the unknowns of the pandemic. He is encouraging and supportive to them personality. He motivates them to support others. Thank you Adante for your passion in managing your team.

From: Jo Chavez-Backster To: Anika Backster, MD Location: Grady Memorial Hospital Emergency Department

Even though it scares me to death and I constantly worry, I am so proud of you for keeping up the good fight on the COVID-19 front lines! You are passionate about your mission, and your patients are fortunate to be cared by you. Keep on keepin’ on!

From: Hazel Rattray To: Dr. Avery Nathanson

Thanks for being there during these trying times.

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes Location: New York

Thank you to all of the Emory Health Heroes for your continued work during such an unprecedented time in our country. Your amazing work has inspired me, and keeps me hopeful for my future. No matter how hard times may get, realize the lifesaving work you have done, and how there are so many people supporting you from all over the country. I have tremendous respect for you all. The hours spent at hospitals tending to patients is just incredible. So thank you again. We are all so proud to have such great heroes on the front lines.

From: Lisa Schaberg To: All Health Heroes Location: Cerner Corporation, Kansas City, MO

Thank you to everyone for your dedication to patients and families this year! You are truly heroes! This is a team effort involving the entire organization from clinicians to all the supporting staff. Blessings to you all!

From: Sheila Shell To: Dr. Jane Meisel

Thanks to Dr. Jane Meisel for all of her help during my breast cancer. My hero!!

From: Claudia Pagan To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

Thank God for EACH of you, no matter your position of CARE. YOU have unselfishly given your time, care, concern, LOVE, and prayers to EACH of your patients each day. I pray for YOUR HEALTH, STRENGTH, and PROTECTION during this pandemic. When you give love, you receive it more.

You ALL are my HERO! Thanks for your hard work, diligence, and sacrifices. God Bless you all.

From: Inez Reedy To: Emory Hillindale Hospital


From: Emory Retiree To: Emory and Crawford Long Hospitals Location: Conyers, GA

As a Emory Health System retiree who continues my connection as a patient for chronic conditions that prevent me from even considering going back on the front lines, I greatly appreciate the hard, difficult work that you do and the risks that you take on behalf of myself and the metro Atlanta community. So far, I've been very fortunate not to have the COVID-19 experience, and hope that continues to be the case. I've agonized over the prospect of behavioral tendencies that might drive the "flattening of the curve" into a surge back upwards and of the possibility that ICU beds might fill to capacity, ventilators become unavailable for those that need it or that patients may be diagnosed too late to be saved. If I can't physically jump in to help out, I can and will keep each and every one of you in my prayers. God Bless!

From: Myriam Fernandez To: All Health Heroes

There is not enough words to thank you for all the work, passion, empathy, and care you exhibit with every patient you touch. Every moment, anything, even when sometimes only able to communicate with your eyes due to masks covering your face, just know, you make a difference. Our families and beloved ones trust on you when we cannot be with our parents, spouses, or significant others. Taking care of them to help them recover and make it as easier as possible is incredibly complex and we know it. Thank you for everything you do.

From: Arthur B. To: All Health Heroes Location: Madison, GA

A BIG THANK YOU for continuing to be on the front lines for us! Your dedication is awesome!!!

From: Anonymous To: All Emory Clinicians, Scientists, and Associates Location: Emory University

Thank you so much for all you do day in and out to care for the people of Atlanta! Your dedication and perseverance to the patients, family, and community is outstanding. You give the comfort and hope amidst the storm. My prayers are with you to keep you well and give you what you need to fight this fight for us all.

From: Anonymous To: Emory Healthcare Essential Workers Location: Decatur, GA

You all are amazing and I am so grateful for all you are doing to support our community! I can only imagine the sacrifices that you all are making and please know this Mama is so incredibly grateful! My family's commitment to you is to wear a mask and follow the social distance guidelines! We will encourage others to do the same! Thank you for all that you do! Love, Mama in Decatur

I was also tested yesterday at the Northlake Mall location and I was so impressed with the organized effort and the staff were amazing. Kudos for setting up such a smooth operation to facilitate testing.

From: Luz Flores To: All Health Heroes

Inasmuch as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto me. Jesus Christ said it. You are doing the work of Christ, assisted by heavenly angels. You are angels on Earth, and the hands of God. There is no comparison to your devotion and self-sacrifice! Your worth is incomparable. I can not do what you do, but I can ask the almighty to give you strength and courage and the vision to never give up!

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes

Thank you so much for your incessant care, comfort, and love shown to all of the patients. We don't tell you near as often as we should, but I promise those of us at home think about and pray for you all every day. Lots of virtual hugs!

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes

Thank You! For what you all do, and the sacrifice that you make on a daily basis. May God surround you with safety and compassion, I continued to pray for your safety and your family's safety. THANK YOU! You are the fabric that will mend together to help save lives!

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes

Thank you for your willingness to work on the frontline of this pandemic. You are our hero! Please know how much we appreciate all that you are doing to save lives every day.

May God bless you and keep you safe!

From: Dr. Randolph To: Preethy Mathew Location: Atlanta, GA

Thank you for all you do, Preethy!

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

It seems as though there is so much information/misinformation/and changing thoughts on COVID-19 daily it makes it extremely difficult for those of us who are not in the health profession to know what is true or not. There is no way I trust the news media on anything they say. As I write this, I still wonder what next week will bring and if the facts or new discoveries about this virus will change again.

One thing I know for certain is that all of the folks at Emory are professionals and will do their utmost to inform, educate, and if necessary, treat those of us who encounter this virus. I wish to thank each and every one of you for your dedication and efforts to try and eradicate this virus. Thank you again!

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes Location: Emory Clinic

I certainly would like to thank all those who have treated people who contracted the coronavirus for all their attention and comfort to their patients. Y'all must have not only had good training, but have given hope to all those who needed it so badly. I salute you and hope that you continue to be the ones who saves lives.

From: Priscilla Wyndham To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

According to the Webster dictionary, a hero is someone admired for his (OR HER) achievements and qualities, one that shows great courage, endowed with great strength, marked by courage, and daring. Now let me ask you......when you look in the mirror do you see this person? If you don't, YOU SHOULD. There is much to be said about heroes, and each and every one of you fit the description perfectly. Thank you for all you do. I can't think of a better place to lay my life at, than in your hands. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU

From: Melissa Kinard To: All Health Heroes Location: Gwinnett County, GA

I am in awe of the work you are doing to help GA in this pandemic. When you are tired or discouraged, please know that there are so many people like myself who thank you in our prayers every day.

From: Beth H. To: All Health Heroes

Thank you so much for all you are doing. Stay strong! We love you!

From: Anonymous To: Dr. Melissa H. White Location: Atlanta, GA

Thank you for your constant care and concern for each and every patient you come in contact with daily. I am sure they all benefit from your attention. You are important to so many people including the medical staff and personnel who depend on your knowledge and guidance. And a special thanks for the love and kindness you give to your own special kiddos at home who share you with your patients and colleagues. You are truly amazing and deeply appreciated. Thank you for all you do!

From: Andrea Smith To: All Emory Staff


From: Antonia Sylvester To: Nurses on 71-ICU at Emory University Hospital Midtown Location: Atlanta, GA

You guys are sooooo awesome!

You all work tirelessly night and day to keep COVID-19 patients alive, keep family members informed of patients conditions, and work as a team to help each other get through your shifts. You are often in thankless positions, so now I'm personally thanking each and every one of you for all that you do! You all DEFINITELY represent Emory's pledge of S.E.R.V.I.C.E. Keep up the good work!

I was deployed from my regular department to work with you all, and I never realized how hard you all work!! I am happy and privileged to be able to help you all complete your shifts and achieve your daily goals.

From: Isabelle McCoy To: All Health Heroes Location: Decatur, GA

Thank you for working so hard to help people who are suffering! Your hard work and dedication are appreciated! Our church is praying for you!

From: Anonymous To: Neurosurgeons (Dr. Olson) and the Nurses in the ICU Location: Emory University Hospital

I want to tell you all that I sincerely appreciate the work that you all did while I was there in May and June for a craniotomy and the brain tumor removal in the midst of all that you had to do to care for victims of COVID-19! Healthcare is truly a selfless field and I am blessed to have been cared for by such kind individuals. May the blessings of the Lord rain down on you and I hope that you see the fruit of your labor!

From: Anonymous To: Emory Healthcare System Location: Alpharetta, GA

I am an established patient with a few underlying conditions. I fully appreciate how all my providers resorted to televisits for continued quality care. Found the portal system was effective in submitting the patient agenda and feedback. I am under the care of the following specialists: Cardiologist, Nephrologist, Endocrinologist, Gastroenterology, and Hematologist.

- A 79 year-old patient, A parent of THREE Emory Alumni

From: Michael W. To: All Health Heroes Location: Lilburn, GA

A big THANK YOU to all of you tireless heroes on the front lines! God bless you!

From: Sally To: All Health Heroes Location: Stone Mountain, GA

Thank you so much for the work you are doing. Selflessness in risking your own health for others. Please stay safe and know you're appreciated.

From: Janet Jernigan To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

With heartfelt gratitude for your tireless and unwavering efforts to treat so many patients and trying to fight this deadly disease! The sacrifices that you make each day being away from your families for countless hours and putting your own health at risk is unimaginable and are not in vain. I wish others would think of these sacrifices when they make the conscious choice not to wear a mask. It may seem dire right now but it will get better. I continue to pray for your health, safety, and perseverance. With much love and gratitude!! ❤❤🙏🏽🙏🏽

From: Larmicus Towns To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

I would love to share my experience! I had a procedure done on the 24th at Emory...Now we are not able to have visitors or our love ones support, but the staff made my journey and stay a pure success...The entire 3rd floor from the anesthesiologist to the nursers assistants and my surgeon Jeffrey Javidfar! Thanks for your kindness...your patience and just for being there to help me when i needed you the most. Thanks

From: Elizabeth First To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

For the frontline docs all the way through to the cleaners!! For the ICU docs, nurses, all the way through to the cleaners!!

Thank you so much for helping the COVID-19 patients who come through your ER doors and who are sent to regular or ICU admittance departments. You are putting your whole life on hold, not to mention your health, while taking care of and trying to save the lives of your patients. Cleaning up after each patient exposes you to the virus, yet here you are, doing your job without complaining. You provide the care and compassion needed to assuage the fears your patients are feeling after the doctor has given them the bad news - COVID-19. Everyone is exhausted. You are all in my prayers and Namios. Stay the course and be safe. God’s speed.

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes Location: Johns Creek, GA

Thank you

From: Deb Patterson Allen To: Emergency and Oncology Doctors and Staff Location: Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital

Dear Heroes - We don't know all of your names - in the whirlwind of the last 48 hours, it was sometimes hard to remember to ask that simple question. My sister and I both want to thank you. Thank you to the staff and nurses in the Emergency department who supported my mom - brought her tea and laughed with her. Thank you to Aaron, her care coordinator. Thank you to the doctor who saw her that first night and as mom says, asked the best questions (I am sorry we did not get your name). Thank you to the oncology group and Dr. Friend who counseled us on the phone. Thank you for keeping your staff and my mom safe, so we can find out what is happening to my mom. Thank you for listening and for your patience. Thank you for keeping your staff, and your hospital and my mom safe, so we can find out what is happening. Thank you for working with data and facts, and for conveying those to us in such a direct manner. And thank you for getting mom to the place she needs to be right now.

From: Anonymous To: Cardiology and CT Surgery Teams on 11 and 11ICU Location: Emory University Hospital Midtown

Thank you for the exceptional care you provided to my dad! He needed urgent surgery for heart disease, and we are so grateful for Emory and each of the people who made his procedures and hospitalizations go so smoothly and so safely, in spite of the pandemic. Thank you Dr. Halkos, Dr. Jaber, Dr. Guyton, and the amazing PAs Bryana and Julie - such a great combination of expertise, skill, and incredible caring on display every single day of his hospitalization. Thank you to the nursing and ancillary teams on 11 and 11ICU - we didn't catch all your names but every experience was top notch. Penny, thank you for being so graciously attentive to my dad, it was so reassuring to hear how kindly you looked after him since we couldn't be there to support him because of COVID-19, and Cindy in food services, thank you for lightening the load with your laughter. We are all living through such a challenging time with COVID-19, and we are so thankful that the Emory cardiology and CT surgery teams were there to support my dad's treatment and recovery. Thank you!!

From: Gregory Clark To: Emory University Hospital

My family has used Emory for decades. Lost my mom there in 1977 with ovarian cancer, despite your top of the line healthcare. I have had several procedures at Emory over the years. Your hospital and staff are all heroes as far as I’m concerned. Emory has always seemed to be heads above other medical centers. Emory cares, you can feel it. Keep up the good work. Keep up the love! It’s contagious!

Emory's entire staff are HEROES in my opinion. It takes a team to be true HEROES in a medical facility, such as Emory. I could really feel the love. Keep up your great tradition. Atlanta and Georgia are blessed to have y’all.

From: Louise Mcdougald To: Dr. Russell and Associates Location: Emory University Hospital Midtown

You guys are an awesome team. I am so thankful for all that you have done for me, and for putting yourselves on the line for everyone. Every day you all put your lives in danger. Thanks so much.

From: Joe To: Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital Location: Peachtree Corners, GA

Thank you to all of the Emory employees at St. Joseph's! You have been wonderful to me and my family over the past 6 months as we have dealt with various health challenges. Thank you for your dedication to patient care through this unprecedented time. You are wonderful!

From: Connie Stierlen To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

There are no words to express my gratitude and my sense of awe when I think of anyone and everyone at Emory who is part of the campaign against this insidious virus. I am sure your rewards will be many fold. God bless!

From: Michelle Hiskey To: Emory University AAE Staff

Every day when the Georgia COVID-19 stats are mentioned in the news, I think of the repercussions on you on the frontline and how hard you work to keep people from getting sicker. How are you able to keep going? Please know how many of us are sending admiration and moral support for your critical work. Thank you.

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes Location: DeKalb County, GA

Thank you so much for what you have done to care for us, but especially during these increasingly hard times. You are appreciated EVERY DAY!!!!

From: Sophia Ruffin To: All Health Heroes

I would like to thank everyone from the ladies who answered the phones and made appointments; the staff at Emory Clinic on Clifton Road; the staff at Northlake Mall and the doctor on Zoom for the information they have provided and EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. They have all gone beyond the call of duty! Please continue your great work and positive attitude. Everything you do is greatly appreciated! 

From: Carolyn To: All Health Heroes Location: Lilburn, GA

Thank you for your dedication, sacrifice, and caring that you provide to our country during this very difficult time.

From: Fran Purser To: Dr. Matthew Marchal Location: Emory at Downtown Decatur Primary Care

Dr. Marchal, There is no better physician within Emory's healthcare system or within the medical community that serves patients with more caring, more concern or more empathy. You bring all of your medical knowledge, training, and expertise to each of your patients, and this all works to treat the disease while you also treat your patient's fears with honest and direct responses to difficult questions with empathy and true compassion. You never treat me as though I am using too much of your time. You care about my emotional and mental health as much as my physical health. Let's face it. Fighting this pandemic requires equal attention to the patient's entire being. Often it is the fear that needs to be 'treated' and in doing so the physical is treated. It's a wonderful gift you give to your patients. I always feel heard, cared for and end our appointments in better spirits and more confident in my ability to not only get through this difficult time, but to thrive. You arm me with current facts and how I will likely be impacted. You give me the truth and you know...the truth sets us free. So thank you for your expertise, your compassion, your good humor and your desire to treat holistically. I know this is too wordy but I will close now hoping that Emory will see what a wonderful physician they have in you. I believe that healthcare is both science and art and you have mastered both. I'm so lucky to have you looking after my medical care and all that this covers. Thank you. Please stay safe. Your patients need you!

From: Teresa Stano To: All Health Heroes

ALL the Emory and St. Joseph nurses, are saving so much people...everyone you are a HERO or SHERO!!

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes Location: Roswell, GA

You are all so brave for doing what you do! Thank you. I will keep you all in my prayers so that you may have the strength, clarity of mind, and health to keep going. Virtual hugs to all of you.

From: Donna Kay Hilderbrand To: Winship Cancer Institute Location: Atlanta, GA

I am very thankful for every person who works at all the Emory facilities. You are the most intelligent and caring people in the world. The Winship Cancer Center saved my life 13 years ago from stage 3B cancer. My doctor was Peter Rossi and was the most kind person I had ever met. He has since moved to Colorado to continue his wonderful work. I have never had a bad experience at Emory. These people are simply the finest the world has to offer. They all make many sacrifices of their time to help others however they can. COVID-19 is no different to them, because they take on every challenge the world throws at us. These people can do anything including beating COVID-19. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and I know I can always depend on Emory.

From: Alejandro and Ercilia Barragan To: Emory Liver Transplant Team Location: Atlanta, GA

Thank you for keeping my husband safe and healthy. We were very concerned as he just had his transplant. Entire transplant team has been very professional and caring, we are very lucky! Special thanks to Dr. Joel Wedd and his team. Our thoughts and prayers are with all health professionals during this difficult time. Thank you again.

From: Margaret Taylir To: Dr. Seth Rosen, Lindsay Pearson, and 4th Floor Nurses Location: Emory Johns Creek Hospital

I have had many hospitalizations over the past 3 years at Emory Johns Creek. The doctors, nurses and all staff (lab, radiology, cafeteria, etc.) are superb. Everyone is a true professional, caring, knowledgeable, and prompt with all services even though they are extremely busy. I will not go anywhere else. Emory Johns Creek has set the standard all hospitals should follow. They literally saved my life and I cannot thank them enough. I am eternally grateful!

From: Priscilla Wyndham To: All Health Heroes Location: Sandy Springs, GA

Words are not nearly enough when a simple 'Thank You' needs to be said. Heroes come in all sizes, genders, ages, etc., but heroes are made and not born that way. God bless each and every one of you. So many lives have been saved because you care. What more can be spoken? You are often the ones who stand in the way of death, and for that you can be proud and take a bow. What would we do without you? A very scary thought. Your life as a hero is beautiful, and giving you a profound thank you serves as the answer to 'what would we do without you.'

From: Christine Moore To: Laura Robertson Location: Emory University Hospital

You are so strong and I appreciate all you do. Please take care of you!!!! Love you.

From: Roila Alizarova To: Emory Johns Creek Hospital Location: Johns Creek, GA

For all of the Emory hospital employers, I wanna say thank you, especially the ER department. It’s not enough words to say or show how much I’m thankful to all the hard working staff who care about all of us patients. Every time I have a great experience with Emory, I always feel they care about me and my family members if we have emergency health problems. In this pandemic time, thank you, all of you, health care workers doing so much. I know everyone has their own family and kids but they still give so much attention and care for the patients who need them, thank you. I’m wishing all the staff stay safe and don’t loose your love and patience, care with us, thank you very very much.

From: Anonymous To: All Health Heroes

...LOOK FOR THE HELPERS... For all that you do, for all that you say, for all that you see, for all that you endure, thanks for being willing to after day after day. Your commitment is truly inspiring.

From: Jennifer Frum To: Reception and Appointment Staff Location: Pulmonary Clinic, Emory Midtown

This is one of the most efficient teams I have ever experienced in a physician's office. They have been so diligent on following up with me and working to coordinate various tests in different departments. This has been very helpful to me as I am from out of town and try to do all my appointments/tests in a single visit. They have been particularly good in juggling tests and telehealth visits during this time. I really appreciate this great team. Thank you!!!

From: A.H. To: Drs. Lauren Schmidt and Diana Simeonova Location: Atlanta, GA

Drs. Lauren Schmidt and Diana Simeonova of Emory Brain Health don’t treat the coronavirus itself, but I appreciate everything they’ve done to help me manage the COVID-related anxiety that took over my life. I’m lucky to have them as my doctors (but it didn’t take a pandemic for me to realize this).

From: Kavita Rajanna To: Jade Asante Location: Emory University Hospital

Thank you so much for taking care of my father and for reaching out daily to update me on his case. Your calls help me feel connected to what’s going on since I can’t be in the hospital with him due to social distancing restrictions. Thank you for your kindness and for taking the time to reach out.

From: Amara Fazal To: Dr. Vaishnavi Lanka Location: Emory GME

To the docs who stay after their shifts end to help their colleagues...Thank you for showing us what it means to be a real Emory Health Hero!! Dr. Lanka materialized out of the shadows of the ED to help me admit a patient when I was overwhelmed. That love and dedication is part of what keeps me coming back every day more energized than the last. Thank you Dr. Lanka!!

From: Steven Gonzalez To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

Thank you guys for everything you do to fight this pandemic. I feel honored to have such an amazing group protecting our community and helping us. Big hugs for you.

From: Anonymous To: All Healthcare Workers at Emory University Hospital

A few months ago, my grandfather was in the hospital at Emory for complications with his gallbladder. I know that he was a handful, but I want to say thank you to everyone who helped him through those long nights and early mornings. Thank you for continuing to do the same important service for other families and individuals. Your kindness, dedication, and sacrifices are appreciated beyond what words can describe. Thank you.

From: REID HARBIN To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

Thanks to all the heroes at Emory, faculty, staff, nurses, doctors, and all medical personnel. Your selfless acts of caring for and healing people is very inspiring. You all are truly heroes and we cannot thank you enough. Keep up the good work and we all pray that their will be a vaccine or other medicines that become available to treat this disease. Through your amazing efforts, many people are recovering or having their lives saved thanks to your tireless work. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

From: ANONYMOUS To: All Medical and Non-Medical Staff Working at the Hospital

THANK YOU for your kindness in helping those who need it and for the courage to keep going despite all of the risks. We have you in our prayers. Take care always, and thank you again!

From: HARRY AND DIANNE JUNKINS To: Emory at St. Joseph’s and Emory Heart Failure Center Location: La Fayette, GA

To Doctors Martin, Markham and Miller. Also the LVAD team: Karina, Stephanie, Heidi, and Sara. Cornelius and all of the staff at CHF center. We greatly appreciate all of you for pushing through, risking your own health and that of your families during this pandemic. You all have been very professional, caring, and helpful to us! Prayers and hugs!

From: JACK MARCHESINI To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

Hello to all you heroes! I wanted to take some time to express the gratitude and encouragement that each and every one of you deserves. Serving on the front lines of this pandemic can't be easy, and people like you all should be recognized for the incredible bravery and hard work you've put in over the last several months. I know more may lie ahead, but that's why people like you exist. You fight for those who can't fight for themselves. You make the world a better place and all of us are eternally grateful! Stay strong, keep persevering, and never doubt yourself! You are true inspirations to us all!

From: BRETT ROGERS To: All Health Heroes Location: Brookhaven, GA

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you, and that I appreciate everything you do! You bring hope and inspiration into many lives, and you are very thoughtful. Please know what an AMAZING person you are and how much people appreciate you every day!

From: BRANDON LAY To: All Health Heroes Location: Atlanta, GA

Thank you to all Emory Health Heroes that are helping get us all through the COVID-19 pandemic. These are the times when we all rely on you the most. You are helping get society through some of the toughest times we have ever faced!

From: JOHN ALFORD To: All Health Heroes Location: Lawrenceville, GA

Thank you to all of the healthcare professionals. You have selflessly given yourself to others. You are true heroes and should be recognized as such. I use your example in many lessons to my kids on how to serve one's community. Stay safe and know that everyone is with you.

From: CHANDRA ISLEY To: Emory ER Gastroenterologist Dr. Mavali and staff Location: Cartersville, GA

Thank you for the excellent care you gave me on my visit. Y'all are truly heroes and I appreciate you so very much.

From: LINDA To: All Health Heroes Location: Clayton, GA

I thank you for all of your efforts to insure that all patients are receiving the best of care. I know you have spent long hours, missed meals, and family functions to perform your duties. Keep up the good work. We have always been impressed by the care we have received from the Emory doctors, PAs and nurses. Thank you for your service.

From: ANONYMOUS To: PA Andrew Earl-Richardson and clinic staff Location: Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

Thank you so much for all you do to keep us safe and informed. Dr. Earl-Richardson is very thorough and has great patience with me. He’s very patient and listens to his patients. Thank you again to the staff and professionals at the office.

From: ANONYMOUS To: All Health Heroes Location: Emory University, Atlanta

Thanks for keeping us healthy and safe.

From: ANONYMOUS To: All Health Heroes

We are so impressed and grateful for all the hours and many sacrifices that have been kindly and thoughtfully given by the hundreds of Emory Healthcare Heroes. There is no way that so many lives have been spared without your dedication and knowledge. Thank you for making a huge difference in our lives and our community while risking yours!!