Peer Review Process Overview

Each protocol will be critiqued by 2 scientific/peer reviewers and undergo fiscal and administrative review. The PI may suggest qualified individuals as potential reviewers.

Each Proposal will be evaluated for:


6 weeks

PI submits proposal 6 weeks prior to the agency submission deadline.  All proposals will be submitted electronically to the attention of Tammy L. Loucks, MPH

Materials to Submit:

  • Completed Department Proposal & Review Form
  • Draft of the Proposal
  • Proposed Budget
  • Summary Statement (for revised applications)
  • Sponsor guidelines and/or Funding Announcement

4 weeks

Critiques returned to the PI.   

3 weeks

PI responds to critique and submits a revised proposal.

2 weeks

PI notified of approval or deferral.*

Proposals with Department Approval

  • Budget finalized
  • Proposal & budget entered by Department Research Administration into the Emory Proposal Express (EPEX) and electronic Conflict of Interest (eCOI) systems.
  • Routing proceeds electronically to PI, investigators, Department, School(s), and Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).

1 week

Final proposal uploaded and transmitted to OSP for submission (i.e., NIH and other submissions requiring SP to submit electronically)

Department and PI will be notified when OSP has reviewed & approved the proposal.  The PI submits proposal to the sponsor.

*Proposals deferred by the department will not be eligible for resubmission until the PI has meet with the Chair & Division Director.


There are a number of forms that are used internally by the Department and the University in the presubmission process.