Reapplication Process

Reapplying in CASAA:


  • I applied using CASAA in a previous cycle and would like to reapply; can I carry over my information? All applicants who have created a login will be able to carry forward the information that they have entered. You will be able to log in with the same username and password you used previously, and you will be able to select the information to be carried forward. Please note: Evaluations/References will not be carried forward for any applicants. New letters of evaluation must be resubmitted for the new cycle.


Reapplying to Emory:

  • If you completed an Emory application and you are re-applying within one year of your original application, please follow instructions below. All others must submit a new application and all items requested.  All reapplicants must submit a personal statement indicating that you wish to reactivate your Emory Supplemental Application (please indicate in your letter heading that you are reactivating an application). Include information about what you have done/are doing to strengthen your application in your letter. 


  • Remit a non-refundable supplemental re-application fee of $65.00 Click Here.
  • If you completed your Emory application, did not send these items in the previous cycle, submit all official supporting items in with your reactivation statement (if a criminal background check was completed in the previous cycle, please send a copy of the PDF report with your documents):


Documentation of Familiarity with Anesthesia Practice 

Documentation Concerning Technical Standards

Documentation Concerning Infectious and Communicable Diseases

Criminal Background Check Process

Drug Screen Release Form

Applicant Statement

The applicant is solely responsible for completion of his/her application. The Program office is not responsible for deficiencies due to the US Postal Service or third party items requested in order to complete an applicant's file. Failure to provide complete and accurate information or providing false information will result in immediate withdrawal from consideration.


Department of Anesthesiology Master of Medical Science Program

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