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Did you know?

Windows has a Snipping Tool. You may know how to “Print Screen” to capture what is showing on your computer monitor – and then if you only want to show a small segment you have to use the cropping tool…

The Snipping Tool allows you to snip (select) just what you want to copy…

  •       To find the Snipping Tool, click on the Windows button in the lower left corner of your screen.
  •       In the search box type “Snipping Tool” and select it from the list that pops up. 
  •       When you select it, it will put a small dialog box on your screen which asks you how you want to snip (rectangle, free form, etc.).
  •       Move you cursor where you want to start, press the left mouse button and drag across what you want to snip. 

Once you have done that you can paste it wherever you want….you can also save it for future use.

(Thanks to Bonnie Chappell, Administrative Assistant, Department of Medicine, Renal Division for pointing out this useful tool.)

Now you know!