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Did You Know?

Email Courtesy – Reply/Reply All

Before hitting the ‘send’ button on an email, check the “To” line to be sure it is going to the person/people you intend it for.

Typically you have the choice to:

Reply (to Sender)

Reply All (to everyone who received the email)

Most emails from individuals default to “Reply to Sender” and you must select “Reply All” for your message to go back to everyone who received the original email – this is only a generality, so a quick glance at the “To” line is always a good idea.Listservs tend to be set to respond to the entire list unless the list owner has adjusted the settings – so be extra careful to check the “To” line when responding to a listserv so you know who your message is going to (the sender or the entire list).

Which option should you choose? 

Do not use “Reply All” when:  (from

  • Only the original sender needs to know your reply
  • Your comments will be crucial to know for the original sender and a few other recipients  (Use Reply in this case and add the select other recipients manually. You can copy their addresses from the original email.)
  • You were a Bcc: recipient in the original message (If you reply to all as a Bcc: recipient, you reveal yourself as a recipient)
  • Your message says "Thanks!" or "Me too!"

Please consider what you are sending before you hit ‘Reply All’, especially to a listserv.

Now you know!