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Did You Know?

You can receive a 5% discount on food purchases at Emory dining establishments (not healthcare) by using your id card?  You can load money right from your desk:

Happy savings!

The fine print: Eagle Dollars Account

Eagle Dollar funds are just like cash - dollar for dollar. This is money you add to your EmoryCard for additional campus spending. Your Eagle Dollar funds are accepted anywhere on campus that accepts the EmoryCard. A full list is provided under the “Locations” menu within this web site. When used at on-campus Emory Dining locations you will receive a 5% discount. Through the Eagle Merchants program, you can use your Eagle Dollars at participating off-campus merchants. Eagle Dollars will roll over from semester to semester until you discontinue at Emory University.

Once you leave Emory University through the termination of your status as Faculty or Staff, you will be eligible for a refund. Any unused Eagle Dollar funds of $25.00 or more will automatically be reimbursed by check through the university Accounts Payable department. Eagle Dollar fund balances of $24.99 or less will only be refunded upon written request to the EmoryCard office.

Now you know!