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Did You Know

Each year when you have your annual performance appraisal is a good time to talk to your supervisor not only about your performance, but also about your professional and personal goals. This discussion can lead to a professional development plan during the coming year supported by your supervisor.  In some situations your supervisor will have specific training suggestions (or requirements) for you; in others, your development is up to you.
What does support look like?  It depends on the goals…It may mean the department pays for or contributes to the cost of the class or conference; it may mean you have support to be out of the office to attend; or it may mean your supervisor will write a letter of support. Every situation will look different.  Don’t assume you won’t be supported. 

Take time to think about this before your performance appraisal this year. Remember, if you don’t ask, you won’t know…

Now you know!