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Did you know?

It’s easy to contribute to My Emory!  My Emory is the faculty and staff arm of the capital campaign and is an opportunity for you contribute to causes that are meaningful to you  -whether they are specific programs, the arts, the hardship fund, scholarships, etc.

You can make a one-time donation or set up a payroll deduction to have a small amount taken out each paycheck – or some combination.


I contribute annually to 2 Emory University programs (~$25 each/year) and I contribute $5/paycheck to both the Hardship Fund and the School of Medicine Staff Development Fund.

Here is how:

Making a gift via Payroll Deduction

1.       Log in to PeopleSoft:

2.       Select Self Service, and MyEmory is the first, top left option.

3.       Once in the MyEmory screen, select Change Payroll Deduction.

4.       Then in Area(s) to receive gift(s) you can add as many designees you want.

§  For each, select the Direction (e.g., School of Medicine).

§  Then, select Allocation (e.g., Staff Development, Neurology, Fund for Emory Medicine, Hurst Residency Fund). If the desired fund is not listed, select “Other,” and then type the name of the fund in the “Other” field when it opens.

§  Enter Recurring Gift Amount.

5.       The final box asks for Emory affiliation and spouse/partner information.

6.       Click Save at the bottom.

The Staff Development Fund will be used to develop on-going learning opportunities for School of Medicine staff and provide additional resources, awards, and programs.

Now you know!