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Did you know?

In the recent survey of School of Medicine staff, the most requested training topic was Personal Health and Wellness.  Did you know training and resources are offered on campus and is free?

You have heard of FSAP, but do you know all that they have to offer you (for free!)?

Here are some examples:

1)      Walking groups

2)      Personal Fitness Coaching

3)      Personal Nutrition Coaching

4)      Short-term behavioral mental health assessment and counseling; referrals for long-term counseling when appropriate; emergency on-call 24 hours a day/7 days a week

5)      Tobacco Cessation programs and medication

6)      Discounts to campus and select community gyms

7)      Services available to family members, too


For even more information on how FSAP can assist you with your Personal Health and Wellness goals, visit their website:


From their website:

FSAP provides professional counseling, consultative, and educational services designed to enhance the health, performance and well-being of individuals and organizational units. FSAP employs a holistic model in service delivery, which supports collaboration and promotes community. The program serves as a resource for faculty, staff, physicians, leaders, and their family members.

Services are provided by licensed professionals who maintain strict confidentiality in the delivery of consulting and clinical interventions.


Now you know!