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Success Rate

The Transgenic Mouse and Gene Targeting Core at Emory has established an excellent reputation in the field.  Our overall efficiency and quality of service have reached levels comparable with leading national centers. We have vast expertise in making transgenic mouse, ES cell gene targeting, and knockout/knockin mouse production.

Transgenic Mouse Production

Even though we guarantee at least two transgenic founders for each project, but we routinely deliver average 5 transgenic founders per project; Due to our extensive expertise, we usually don’t have waiting list, the turnaround rate is average 2 month (from construct arrival to delivery Tg founders) with sufficient DNA supply and timely genotyping from user lab. In the last 12 month period, we have completed 32 transgenic projects including 6 BAC transgenisis.


ES Cell Gene Targeting and Knockout/Knockin Mouse production

We guarantee germline transmission of the targeted alleles by using our highly totipotent ES cell line HZ2.2. Over the last 3.5 years, we generated more than 40 KO/KI projects including several conditional KO projects by using the Cre-LoxP system and also include the ES cell lines imported from external resources; all of those projects were successfully completed with 100% germline transmission rate. With success genotyping effort from the investigator lab, our project turnover rate is average 5 month from accepting targeting construct to have germline F1 mice for a conventional KO/KI project, more impressively, the turnover rate is as short as 7 month from accepting targeting construct to have germline F1 mice for a conditional KO/KI project (we perform in vitro selection marker removal after targeted clones identified, then make mice with the floxed allele).


Mouse Embryo Cryopreservation

We guarantee to freeze at least 160 embryos with live born pups tested.  Also, we provide lifelong storage in LN freezer at no extra cost.