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The Integrated Electron Microscopy Core provides full services as well as partial assistance in the following areas. Users can decide on their own level of involvement in the project based on time and funding availability. The facility is also set to accommodate the needs of both experienced and inexperienced users. For experienced users, experiments can be conducted either in their own laboratory or at the core facility where all the reagents are available. For inexperienced users, the core facility offers training at all levels. Alternatively, the core facility staff can conduct entire experiments for the users.

  • Conventional TEM & SEM imaging of biological and material specimens
  • Cryo high resolution SEM imaging of frozen-hydrated specimens
  • Conventional light microscope imaging
  • Standard EM & LM sample embedding
  • Ultrathin and semithin microtomy
  • Negative staining
  • High pressure cryo-fixation & cryo- immobilization
  • Ultrathin metal film coating
  • Cryosubstitution and embedding
  • EM and LM Enzyme-cytochemistry
  • EM and LM Immunocytochemistry
  • Immunofluorescent staining
  • Histology
  • Morphometry and stereology