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Custom Cloning Core Facility

The Emory DNA Custom Cloning Core Facility (CCCF) was set up in January 2010. The mission of the CCCF is to offer the Emory Research Community, US universities, and biotech companies access to high-precision and cost-effective custom molecular biology services. Emory is the only University in the US that has such a facility. Since its inception, more than 4,000 custom cloning projects have been performed, resulting in hundreds of publications, patents, and grant submissions.

The CCCF has designed a streamlined process that is able to generate DNA constructs fast, efficiently, and inexpensively. These state of the art cloning methods allow the CCCF to perform a variety of custom cloning projects. The CCCF consults with investigators to offer experimental and cloning design and provides clients with some of the vectors and full sequence maps for every project.

Free consultation
Options and approaches to your project would be discussed during initial consultation.
For investigators who bring their own design we review the design
and confirm that cloning can be performed as requested.
We also offer selection of the cloning and expression vectors.

Pricing (Order Form):
Costs of projects vary according to difficulty and options chosen.
Typical charge for a construct is $100-$200.
Design or analysis consultation available on fee-for service basis
Cloning strategy would be designed based on desired characteristics of the construct.
That would include selection of the vector, tags and primer design.

We clone everything:
1.  Mutations, deletions
2.  Epitope tags: N-, C-terminal,
     and between the protein domains
3.  Protein-protein  fusions
4.  si-RNA constructs
5.  Mice knock-out, knock-in,
     and transgenic constructs
6.  CRISPR constructs

Plasmid transformation into commonly used bacterial cell strains
Top10, DH5a, BL21-DE3, XL1-Blue and XL-gold
Competent cells available
On fee for service basis

Typical times required for completion of services is 5 business days.
Time will depend on complexity of the project as
discussed during initial consultation.

Reading Your Project Report

(404) 727-8914
(404) 966-0020
Whitehead Research Bldg.  Room 114