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Custom Cloning - Reading Your Project Report

The Project report comes as an Excel file.

Page 1

  • Name of the construct
  • Name of the vector
  • Name of the gene cloned into vector
  • Short description of the cloning procedure

Page 2

  • Primers used in the project

Page 3 - The key to sequencing is on this page

  • 1st column- the name of the sequencing reaction corresponds to the ab1 file
  • 2nd column - the sequencing primer that was used
  • 3rd column - What was sequenced, for example,  1 cl1 means construct 1 (1st page) clone1 was sequenced .
  • 4th column - the result

There is a map of the construct in Lasergene format .

If you do not have Lasergene you can request that the map to be sent to you in text format.
PDF files are available upon request.
You need to pick up the DNA.
Make sure you enter a smart key into the order form before emailing it back the Custom Cloning Core.