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The Emory 1% 2012


Donald L. Bliwise, MD/PhD
Dept of Neurology

  • Biomarkers of Aging in the Bay Area Sleep Cohort

Xingming Deng, MD/PhD
Dept. of Radiation Oncology

  • Structure-based anti-cancer drug development

Christopher Doering, PhD
Dept. of Pediatrics

  • Hematopoietic gene therapy for hemophilia A

Alison Ross Eckard, MD
Dept. of Pediatrics

  • Vitamin D status and HIV-related complications in children and young adults

Arthur W. English, PhD
Dept. of Cell Biology

  • Spinal Circuits and the Musculoskeletal System

Arash Grakou, PhD
Dept of Medicine - Infectious Disease

  • Mechanisms of Hepatitus C Virus Persistence

Randy Hall, PhD
Dept. of Pharmacology

  • PDZ scaffold regulation of astrocytic glutamate receptors and transporters

Jeremy Herskowitz, PhD
Dept. of Neurology

  • Investigating the RhoA/ROCK pathway for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Debra Houry, MD/MPH
Dept. of Emergency Medicine

  • Emory Center for Injury Control

Nadine Kaslow, PhD
Dept. of Psychiatry

  • Group Interventions for Abused, Suicidal Black Women

Melissa Kottke, MD
Dept. of OB/Gyn

  • A multimedia, group-based clinical care and support model to increase dual protec

Allan Levey, MD/PhD
Dept. of Neurology

  • Training in Translational Research in Neurology

David Lefer, PhD
Dept of Surgery

  • Cardioprotective Actions of Hydrogen Sulfide

Lian Li, PhD
Dept. of Pharmacology

  • Function and mechanism of a novel SUMO protease

Nael A. McCarty, PhD
Dept. of Pediatrics

  • Peptide Inhibitors Probe Structure and Function in Chloride Channels

Larry McIntire, PhD
Dept of BioMedical Engineering

  • Dynamic Studies of Coagulation and Thrombosis

Ken Moberg, PhD
Dept. of Cell Biology

  • Control of tissue growth and architecture by Drosophila Tsg101

Ed Mocarski, PhD
Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology

  • Cytomegalovirus DNA replication and inversion

Asma Nusrat, MD
Dept. of Pathology

  • Intestinal Epithelial Tight Junction Structure-Function

Charles Parkos MD/PhD
Dept. of Pathology

  • Structure function studies in intestinal epithelial JAM

James R. Roede, PhD
Dept. of Medicine - Pulmonary

  • Altered transport and epigenomic changes in maneb-potentiated neurotoxicity

Periasamy Selvaraj, PhD
Dept. of Pathology

  • Glycolipid-anchored cytokines as breast cancer membrane vaccine adjuvants

Sam Speck, PhD
Dept. of Microbiology & Immunology

  • Control of Gammaherpesvirus Replication

H. Trent Spencer, PhD
Dept. of Pediatrics

  • Hematopoietic gene therapy for hemophilia A

Erwin Van Meir, PhD
Dept. of Neurosurgery

  • Basic Mechanisms of Cancer Therapeutics Study Section

Camille Vaughan, MD
Dept. of Medicine - Geriatrics

  • Behavioral therapy to treat urinary symptoms in Parkinson's disease

Paula M. Vertino, PhD
Dept. of Radiation Oncology

  • Defining Genomic Signatures for Aberrant DNA Methylation in Human Cancers

Chris Yun, PhD
Dept of Medicine - Digestive Diseases

  • LPA receptor signaling in colonic epithelia