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PDA Questions

How do I load the video files to my PDA / Smartphone/ iPod Touch / iPhone/ iPad?

  1. Install the latest version of iTunes on your PC
  2. Establish a connection with your device
  3. On your PC open iTunes and click on the Movies section of My Library
  4. Click on file/add File to Library, Browse to the PDA-DVD in your DVD player and open the iPhone/iPod folder to see all the M4V  video files available. Select the ones you want to transfer to your device and click open.
  5. The video should appear in your Movie list in My library
  6. Click and drag the video from the list to your device in the left column to transfer the video to your device
  7. You will need 2.5 GB free memory on your device to hold all the videos at the same time
  8. Select your video and watch on your device by selecting the video icon


Some android devices can play downloaded M4V video files. There is a free video converter program Videora at Install this on your PC and convert the M4V files for your device, then transfer them to your device using the USB cable.

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