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Farmworker Project Honored at AAPA meeting

The PA Program was honored this fall with the announcement by the American Academy of Physician Assistants and the PA Foundation, that our South Georgia Farmworker Health Project will be the Host City Prevention Campaign  in conjunction with the 2010 AAPA Conference in Atlanta! We greatly appreciate this show of support! The Project was featured in the December 2009 PA Professional with a cover story.

To view an audio slideshow of the project, click here.

The South Georgia Farmworker Health Project  is a well-established community-campus collaborative project. They are now in their fifteenth year of outreach. Though SGFHP started out with a one-week clinic, since 1998 they have done 2 weeks in June during the peak season. Their team in June 2009 focused on patient education on a common and dangerous problem for farmworkers – heat injury.

SGFHP uses a mobile outreach model to provide free out-patient care to migrant and seasonal farm workers and their dependents in the southern tier of Georgia counties. Beyond its direct impact on a very medically underserved and impoverished patient base, it has had substantial impact on communities, individual PA and MD volunteers, and Emory PA students.

The project provides direct service to approximately 1900 farm workers and their dependents during their time in South Georgia. Although many only have minor complaints, significant disorders were addressed in a number of patients. It also provides an important educational experience and impact for student, faculty, and volunteers.

Many in our group, myself included, went on the project with the lofty notions of serving these individuals, sacrificing of our time and comfort for just a short period to provide them free medical care. My experience gave me pause on this – haven’t they been serving us so much more, giving of their daily lives for years, to provide us affordable, fresh produce? This is the least we could do to return something of what they’ve blessed us with.” PA Student

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