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Report from the fields - SGFWP by Jodie Guest

As of last night's clinic 6/19/12 we have provided care, clothing, toiletries and food for 548 migrant farmworkers.  Today we are in a school doing exams and providing books for 130 children. 

There are 35 PA students here and 5 physicians as well as medical interpreters, faculty, logistics team and Teen Corp. We have a morning and evening clinic every day for a week in Bainbridge and then the team will move to Valdosta for a week. These clinics occur in tomato fields, corn fields, outside housing dorms for the pickers, schools, and packing plants. 

Also, in the list of groups here we also have:

  • 2 Emory medical students
  • 2 Mercer PA students
  • 2 international medical students
  • And local nursing students for intake.

This year, we have 16 kids working in Teen Corp, a new experiential learning group. These kids are managing and working the clothing and food area and are responsible for putting together the toiletry kits as well as shadowing a PA student mentor during clinics.  They have all seen either a cardiac echo or a fetal ultrasound. Between clinics each day there is a class for Teen Corp and their PA student mentors.  These classes include discussions on cardiology, orthopedics, health care reform, underserved communities, and case presentations by both the Teen Corp and the PA student mentors.

Pictured in the  photo are the following faculty members:  Randy Bundschu, Jeri Sumitani, Terry Mize, Karen Newell. And Dr. Jodie Guest. Congratulations and best wishes go to Jodie, Terry, Jeri, and the entire crew for their hard work and top-notch care!

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