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PAEA Future Educator Fellowship awarded to Jace Crawford `16

In 2015 PAEA offered for the first time a Future Educator Fellowship, and Emory student Jace Crawford of the Class of 2016, was chosen for this award. The purpose of the fellowship is an opportunity for current students to understand more about academic careers in PA education and encourage leadership development.  Jace notes that his interest in academics was initiated during the PA school interview process. He said, “I have always been interested in education.  Through the years I have taught guitar lessons, biology students, genetics students, anatomy students(undergrad and graduate), as well as diabetic patients at a free clinic.  In my essay to get into PA school I mentioned that my passion and experience teaching will help me be a better PA as I will then have the opportunity to teach them about their disease, their medications, future procedures and so forth.”

JaceSpecifically about the Fellowship Jace said, “I am hoping that the education/training I receive  and the connections that I make through this fellowship will make transitioning from a clinical PA to a PA education smooth and natural. I would like to be one of the PA educators that really makes a difference, that inspires and motivates PAs.  The type of educator that is a crucial member of a team the produces high quality/maximal PAs.  I believe that this fellowship will give me the foundation to begin this journey.  I am very fortunate to be a recipient of the fellowship, and I look forward to traveling to DC to learn more about PA education! "

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