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Global Outreach Grant Award for Farmworker Project

Faculty Erin Lepp, Dr. Jodie Guest and Dr. Maha Lund, along with class of 2016 student Jeremy Amayo are the first Emory Global Outreach Grant Award recipients given by the Physician Assistant Foundation.  This grant will support a new initiative to implement relevant HIV prevention messages at the South GA Farmworker Healthcare Project starting this fall.  Picker migration has been linked to increased vulnerability to HIV across nations and cultures because of the low socioeconomic status, relative lack of education, and substandard access to health care found among migrant populations in the host countries.  Dr. Guest and a Behavioral Science and Health Education student at Rollins School of Public Health are designing the new targeted prevention messages.  The grant includes a new curriculum on HIV prevention counseling for the PA students that will be taught before the fall weekend.


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