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Emory PA students at GAPA summer CME meeting


Both the Class of 2016 and 2015 had a great turnout at GAPA’s Summer Conference Student Track. Topics during the Student Track this year included: a pulmonary case study, cardiogenic shock, and interview skills by our own Allan Platt, PA-C.

 A total of 53 Emory PA students and a crowd of faculty and alumni cheered on Emory students in the multi-program Volleyball Tournament and Challenge Bowl Competition.

 In double elimination volleyball, Emory’s team dropped behind in the first match but we were able to win the next two and advance to the Finals. Mercer’s PA Program (whom to be clear, had held tryouts and practiced daily) beat us pretty handily in the final match-up.

 Not to go home empty-handed, Cassi Frank (2015 Class) and Jace Crawford (2016 Class) pulled off a respectable victory in the Challenge Bowl Competition. As a result, a beautiful crystal trophy can be found in the PA Faculty Office for anyone who would like to swing by.

James Dinwiddie, PA-S

GAPA Representative, Class of 2016


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