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Incoming PA student and the Rolling Suitcase Project

The Urban Health Initiative Community Fellow Amanda Lewis, a medical assistant at a private primary care practice, has volunteered as the Rolling Suitcase Project Team Leader, finding and delivering rolling suitcases to the Atlanta Shelter for Women and Children. Amanda's goal is to become a Physician Assistant, and she has just been accepted to the Emory Physician Assistant Program c/o 2017 in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine. Her work with UHI helped her develop a strong application with excellent community service. The Emory PA program applicants demonstrate community service that supports program projects like the The South Georgia Farmworker Project  and  The Good Samaritan Health Clinic

When asked about her involvement in the project, here is what Amanda Lewis (PA 2017, pictured below) said, “Every year for Christmas, our family does a service project and my mom got an email about the need for suitcases which she forwarded to me. Moved by the Rolling Suitcase Project and Urban  Health Initiative's mission, I reached out to the director, Carolyn Aidman, to get involved. Once involved, I loved everything about it. Each project addresses a specific need in our community of which I will become an important part of as a PA. I will be able to continue to support the Suitcase Project and the Urban Health Initiative from a Provider's stand point now, in addition to a volunteer's. To me, not only is that incredibly exciting, but humbling and gratifying. I look forward to watching UHI grow and I can't wait to visit the shelter again to see the smiles on the faces of all of the women who will get much use out of the bags we have collected!"  

 Please see the Rolling Suitcase feature in the AJC's Doing Good.


Picture: Charles Moore MD, Amada Lewis PA C/O2017 Carolyn B. Aidman, PhD, Associate Director, Urban Health Initiative Emory School of Medicine

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