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Mobile EBM Apps

The are several paid subscription  "appraised evidence" products available for mobile devices including UptoDate, Dynamed, Essential Evidence Plus, and ACP-PIER.  These products have experts review journal articles and summarize the best evidence on common topics. that Emory faculty, students and staff have free access to the PDAand Web version of Dynamed and the Web version of Epocrates Online (with all the elements of Epocrates Essentials)

Products to consider for purchase are:

Review Articles - Dynamed vs UptoDate, Dynamed, Dynamed vs UptoDate  

DynaMed -   Dynamed is composed of  appraised evidence based medicine summaries. The reviewers at Dynamed sort through the latest research publications and synthesize organized clinical summaries that are practical for any primary care provider. You can access Dynamed with internet access through the Emory Health Sciences Library portal using a PC or web enabled smartphone or PDA. The Emory licenses allows you to get the portable PDA version on your iPhone/iTouch/iPad, Android,or Blackberry device that works when there is no WiFi or cell service available.  Each topic is organized into the following sections:

  • Description – a general description of the disease, the latest published study and ICD-9/10 codes
  • Causes and Risk factors lists associated conditions
  • History and Physical exam findings
  • Diagnosis with rule out differentials all hyper linked to other diseases and pertinent lab and imaging studies
  • Prognosis
  • Treatment with the latest guidelines including pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapy all graded with the supporting evidence
  • Prevention and Screening
  • References – links to references with the strength of the evidence in their recommendations.

To download Dynamed to your PDA you should  do the following:

  1. Set up a Skyscape account at Skyscape is the leader in medical e-books for smartphones and PDAs. There are e-books for sale as subscriptions in every specialty (For  a 25% discount go to ) and they are all cross-linked for easy navigation. They have several free references, guidelines, monographs, and calculators.
  2. Next,  iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch /Android  users need to install the free SkyScape App from the Android Market or  Apple iTunes App Store. After you have installed it, launch the Skyscape App on your device. And enter your Skyscape login and password information.
  3. Download the following free resources to supplement and link with Dynamed (Under Update/Free Resources for iOS)
    • Archimedes with 130  medical calculations
    • CheckRx , a drug interaction checker called
    • Medical Bag with several topical monographs and tables,
    • Outlines in Clinical Medicine(OCM), a comprehensive, internal medicine resource
    • Rxdrugs  a continually updated drug reference  tool and dosing calculator.
  4. Contact DynaMed support at to request a  Emory- DynaMed serial number using your Emory email address.
  5. When your serial number arrives, Open your SkyScape app on your PDA and  tap the Tools/Install Resource. Enter the Dynamed serial number and it should download (60 MB size) and install automatically if you have WiFi  or Cell Service.
  6. Dynamed should be in your home menu. Use the update tab to see if there are updates available.
  7. Use the link tab within Dynamed to link with your other Skyscape references

Other PDA friendly resources you can freely use through Emory licensing if you have WiFi or Cell data plan web access. Bookmark the following link in your PDA browser to have the following clinical resources linked with your Emory user name and password

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