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Community Service and Service Learning

Why We Choose to be Involved

Significant numbers of individuals in the United States are without health insurance and have limited access to health care.  US Census Bureau data from 2016 states that 27.3 million people (8.6% of the population) lack coverage. Working-age adults, 18 to 64 years old, are the largest uninsured population, a whopping 86.7%. Minority races and ethnic groups make up the majority of the uninsured population (60%) even though they make up less than half (37%) of the total population. The highest concentrations of uninsured are in the South. ~Data from US Census Bureau/Demographic Survey/American Community Service article at

We believe that access to health care should not be determined by income, race or geography. Our vision is to utilize the passion and skill of our PA students, faculty, and staff to provide care for the medically underserved, in order to be good stewards of our local and global community.

Community Service Projects

The South Georgia Farmworker Project

The Good Samaritan Health Clinic

Heel to Heal Annual 5k Fun Run

Habitat for Humanity

The Healing Community Center

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